Illinois AT&T Mess; Is This Why They Call It The Sucker State?

From the Chicago Tribune:

    Many customers who called AT&T Illinois to get cut-rate phone service deals advertised in their November phone bills are being told the plans don’t exist, leaving customers confused and AT&T embarrassed.

    “There were a number of human errors and glitches,” said Rob Biederman, an AT&T spokesman. “We’ve had everyone retrained–a second time–and we’re monitoring the situation closely. We’re committed to make this work.”

    The new low-cost phone service plans, which became available three weeks ago, are part of an agreement between AT&T and the Citizens Utility Board approved in August by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

    In return for establishing three cut-rate phone plans and restraining rate increases for other plans, AT&T was freed from most traditional state oversight of what it charges consumers for phone service in Illinois.

Oh that’s a great idea. The story goes on to explain that while this means that Illinoisans’ bills could rise as much as 50% in the next four years, savvy consumers can sign up for the cut-rate plans now—before the pillaging begins. The deals are not yet on AT&T’s website, but expect them “by the end of the year.”

“Kolata [CUB spokesperson] said customers who cannot get the new rates when they call AT&T can call CUB at 1-800-669-5556 for help.” Home, Sweet Home.—MEGHANN MARCO

No easy answer on AT&T service [Chicago Tribune]

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