Walmart Nazi Shirt Watch: Day 22

Twenty-two days after t-shirts bearing Nazi insignia were discovered in Walmarts, the retailer has yet to remove them from their stores. Matt spotted this one on Friday in Rochester, NY.

He writes:

    “Just in time for your fascist holiday shopping. It has to be close to a month and I found the “Walmart Nazi” shirts in the store this morning-attached is my picture. I am considering sending this to some local news affiliates-another great reason not to shop there!”


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  1. userboy says:

    My Wal-Mart in Frisco, TX (Dallas suburb) still has a stack of them. I was there last night. This is even AFTER I pointed them out the store manager, a couple of days after it initially happened.
    I had a strong desire to take the stack up front, lay them in the middle of the main aisle next to the checkouts, douse them with lighter fluid, and drop a match. Both of which are conveniently located next to the cigarette bunker.
    Maybe someone from the Simon Wiesenthal organization could have a more impactful conversation with Wally World?

  2. Avery says:

    Good thing you filed this under the “3rd ss division totenkopf” tag, wouldn’t want to confuse it with the other Totenkopf divisions.

  3. Xkeeper says:

    Wake me up when we stop covering these.

  4. lmbrownmail says:

    Time to let this one go!

  5. TedOnion says:

    I have to disagree with imbrownmail and xkeeper. Walmart’s failure to follow through on their promise to remove this merchandise is as big of a story if not bigger than the original.

  6. acambras says:

    I second TedOnion. I do think Walmart’s failure to follow through is a bigger story than the original.

  7. enzo says:

    Like I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t like the shirt, don’t buy it. If you don’t like Walmart, don’t shop there. No one has you tied up threatening to take you to a concentration camp if you don’t buy the shirt.

  8. exkon says:

    I have to agree here, this is just beating a dead horse. I guess everyone who sees this shirt automatically associates it with the nazis….

    They’re not advertising for the nazis…

  9. Papercutninja says:

    They may not have taken them off the shelves, but they sure won’t let you buy them. They come up “Sell not allowed” when scanned at the registers.

  10. acambras says:

    Interesting, Papercutninja. Someone obviously went to the trouble of updating the computers, but why haven’t they pulled the product? Especially if they’re no longer making money on it?

  11. Echodork says:

    Echodork not caring about Wal-Mart Nazi shirts, Day 21.

  12. pestie says:

    I’m happy to report that my local Walmart has, in fact, removed the shirts. I first saw them before this story broke on Consumerist, so I have no idea when they were removed (I try to avoid Walmart for the most part, but sometimes it’s just too convenient to pass up). But they definitely were on sale at one point and now are not.

  13. Papercutninja says:

    It was weird too, when i tried to purchase them, the sales clerk knew that it was going to come up as non-saleable and put them aside to scan last. The clerk then told me that there was probably a “recall” on them and that he could not sell it to me. He called over the manager to tell him that “Every day someone tries to buy these and every day we cannot sell them. Why haven’t they been taken off the floor yet?”. When i left, the manager was looking at them at a nearby customer service counter.

    Who knows why they haven’t taken it off the shelves, even when it’s been changed in the computer. The item status is easy to change in the computer at the corporate/supply chain level, but at the retail level it’s probably harder because those managers get so much stock memos or whatever that they do the priority ones first.

  14. TTCFCL says:

    They were pulled from the stores i checked (Richfield, MN; Apple Valley, MN)

  15. Papercutninja says:

    Yeah..didn’t mention: the store i went to was in Piscataway, NJ.

  16. drsmith says:

    I thought it was funny that when I typed into my browser that it brought me to this page. Maybe there is some intelligence to the internet after all…

  17. acambras says:

    I was in the Wallingford, CT SuperWalMart this evening and decided to swing by the men’s dept. to see if the t-shirts were still out — they are. Didn’t take a photo or try to buy one, though.

    And a heartfelt message to the people sick of coverage of this issue:
    Nobody is making you follow this! Find another thread already!

  18. drsmith says:

    acambras: The problem here is that it looks like the editors have way too much of a tendency to generate posts for their blog by looking for minute differences in story details. Consequently a lot of the material on the consumerist looks like filler because there was nothing else interesting going on that day. Constructive criticism of that fact should lead to a better blog for everyone – and I would even put forth that the comments are probably the most effective means by which to get the message to the editors.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not supportive of Totemkopf or other Nazi sects. I want this blog to be informative and interesting to read, but the postings lately are getting to be very thin in worthwhile content. That is the message I was basically trying to get across.

  19. acambras says:

    drsmith, that’s fine. I hear what you’re saying, and you make a good point. My problem is with the people who don’t bother to articulate such a point — they just whine about how sick they are of the Totenkopf story and how they don’t give a damn. MY point is this: if you’re among those don’t give a damn, skip this thread! That said, I salute you, drsmith (but not a Heil Hitler sort of salute!) for articulating a point that goes beyond “I don’t care blah blah blah.”

    The story isn’t “WalMart is full of Nazis.” It’s “WalMart is full of liars.” They said they didn’t know about the shirts, but once they found out about the origin of the design, they said they’d pull them from the shelves. The fact is, they haven’t done that.

    I also salute Ben for his tenacity in covering this issue, even when bombarded by “I don’t care” comments. Because some of us actually care.

    By the way, I’m sure you’ve noticed that a lot of the Consumerist’s content is reader-generated. If you see a story that you think would be a good addition to the Consumerist, send it to

    I don’t work for the Consumerist — I’m just a big fangirl. :-)