Reader’s iPod Returned From Shop After Consumerist Intervention

After asking The Consumerist for help, reader Lisa received an iPod back from iPod Mechanic yesterday, seven months after she first sent hers in for repairs.

Lisa sent in a nano and got back a video iPod, but her thank you letter inside seems to indicate her son is happy with the upgrade. — BEN POPKEN

Lisa writes:


    You truly are the greatest! Checked your site to see if my story was posted today and was surprised to learn that Nick had sent a video iPod to replace my nano. My son immediately checked the mailbox and found nothing. I told him to be patient the mail takes time. If next week rolls around and we haven’t received it then I would email you again. (I was personally very skeptical it would show up.) So we had settled in to wait again, and about 30 minutes later the doorbell rings. Guess what? It was a lovely, brown box from UPS with our replacement iPod! We are stunned and thrilled. Thank you so much. I had given up, but you stepped up to the plate for me and set things right. Thank you. Thank you.

    I will email ipod Mechanic and thank them. I will also send them back the iPod I have. Will you please reassure your readers that I immediately sent back the iPod that I was holding for collateral (not “hostage”? I hope that iPod Mechanic figures out who its true owner is.

    You and your website are providing an invaluable service. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful, and relaxing holiday.

    -Lisa H”


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  1. ColoradoShark says:

    Agreed, Ben and The Consumerist are great.

    iPod mechanic should *not* be congratulated for taking nearly six months to repair/replace a device and only doing that after being threatened with widespread bad publicity.

  2. goob007 says:

    i am also waiting since june for order 5660 from ipodmechanic…..can you help? they have sent me several bogus ups tracking numbers….thanks for any help

  3. Ben Popken says:

    goob007, email your story to us at tips at consumerist dot com and we’ll look into it.

  4. aeproberts says:

    I have never heard back from Apple about the battery recall despite being told by 2 Apple employees that my claim was filed correctly and that everything was in order. That is almost 2 years now and I have yet to receive my judgment. Has anyone else had this problem?

  5. SpecialK says:

    I sent my video iPod to iPodmechanic and they gave it away to some kid!!!! (Just joking).

  6. benfoldsfour says:

    I wish I would have come to you guys to deal with my Xbox 360 repairs. It ended up taking 2 months instead of 2 weeks, and when they finally shipped it, it went to a government agency near my office that freaked out when I entered the buidling.

  7. Ferdy says:

    I wish I had read all these warnings about iPod-Mechanic a month ago. I too, foolishly sent in my 40GB ipod to these assholes. I got regular emails right up until they had my money for the repair, and then- nothing. No replies to emails, no ipod. Nothing.
    Eventually, after many emails, they sent me a UPS tracking number, but that was worthless. ‘Billing info. Received’ was all it lead to on the UPS site. This went on for a couple of weeks, and I was getting furious.
    So, I took matter into my own hands. I looked up their address, and figured it was about a four hour drive for me from Wisconsin. I sent them another email and in so many words, threatened to shatter Nick’s kneecaps with a baseball bat. The next day I got an email saying my ipod was shipped. And today, I finally have it.
    If you haven’t got the message already. DO NOT DEAL WITH IPOD-MECHANIC! They will fuck you over. Unless of course, you don’t mind a little violence. ;)

  8. klevi says:

    Do not use Ipod Mechanic! I had the same trouble with them not returning my ipod. Asked when will it be ready they told me there are HUNDREDS in front of you! This is after almost 2 weeks!

  9. goob007 says:

    Thanks to the Consumerist, I have received a replacement iPod after 6 monts. Thank you very much for helping. The very squeaky wheel worked!!!

  10. justdiana says:

    AVOID iPOD MECHANIC!! Count me in as a sad, angry, frustrated member of the Ripped-Off by iPod Mechanic club. I’ll spare you the details but the common themes are the same: no communication until requested, no action until threatened, repairs they suggested were not needed (Apple’s diagnosis was bad batteries – not a bad logic board) and, of course they kept the Mini I sent in to “sell” to defray costs of battery replacement. You pay to get out of doing business with these inept cretins!

  11. bcjens says:

    I to have been introduced to the service of Mr iPod Mechanic. I actually spoke to somebody there in the beginning of December, 07. When I was asking about their services. I sent a couple of emails when nothing was updated, I then received a PDF from an Attorneys office that is representing iPod Mechanic asking me for my serial # name etc. Information that the iPod Mechanic already has and to forward it too When you send anything to this you received a auto response

    ” Thank you for your inquiry. We are sorry for the delay in communication. Details regarding your order will be updated shortly. Thank you for your patience. “

    what next?

  12. Shawna says:

    I too am a victim of the iPod Mechanic. I sent my son’s iPod in for repair in December of 2007. I finally received an iPod (not MY iPod) on April 18, 2008 that was VERY scratched up and an older version of mine. I e-mailed several times with the concern and finally called the law firm handling the legal matters for iPod Mechanic. I did get a response this week telling me the Government still had my iPod and to please not call the law office anymore because he (Nick) was charged everytime I called the Law Firm.