Revver Cuts Deal with Verizon

Verizon is obsessed with internet video. One day after inking a similiar deal with internet video giant YouTube, Verizon has added the ad-supported video service Revver to their VCast service as well.

“The mobile version of Revver, like Youtube, is set to launch early next month, and will be part of the V Cast entertainment channel. Users who subscribe to the $15/month mobile media service will have access to unlimited viewing of Revver videos.”

“Reportedly, Revver videos viewed on V Cast will be ad-free. Normally, a sponsored ad is shown at the end of every streamed video.” Does anyone use VCast? —MEGHANN MARCO

Verizon adds Revver to V Cast [TG Daily]


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  1. 24fan24 says:

    How could these videos be served ad free? I thought the purpose of hosting on Rever was to get ad revenue from your videos. I would imagine some content creators are going to be mad angry.

  2. Plasmafire says:

    Let me know when they make a deal with VEOH they are way better than You Tube.

  3. Mickipedia says:

    Hey, Micki here from Revver. It’s true that Revver is committed to sharing our revenue with our creators 50/50. This revenue need not always come via advertising. In this case, we are splitting our licensings revenue with the makers of the videos that air on VCast. The video-makers will be paid according to how many times their videos are viewed. And only creators who have opted into our mobile distribution channel are eligible for the VCast deal. We will never make cash from your work without sharing our revenue with you 50/50. It’s that simple.

  4. 24fan24 says:

    Very well Mickipedia, you have restored my faith in the corporate world.