Guide To Cyber Monday Sales

Recently we reported that so-called “Cyber Monday” might be a mere marketing myth invented by the National Retail Federation.

To test the theory we pinged some of the major online outlets to see what their Cyber Monday plans were. Their gut spilling, inside…

Retailers indicated a definite traffic increase on Cyber Monday. According to a study Google released, around ten percent of all employed US adults may visit an online shop this Monday. A spokesman for Barnes and Noble echoed the same, saying that Cyber Monday sales are usually, “up 70 percent over the previous Monday.”

Cyber Monday is the beginning of the online holiday shopping season, but do these retailers plan on thanking us for dispensing of our hard earned money? What specials and deals will lure us into the deep-linked pages of their wares? — BEN POPKEN

Cyber Monday Promotions – Storewide deals. Our picks: Samsonite Sport Backpack for $29.99, and Xbox 360 Wireless Headset for $52.66, and Simpsons Season 1 for $18. When you use Google Checkout, $10 off $30 and $20 off $50. – 19″ Widescreen Monitor after “combined” savings and more. Free 400$ Massage Chair to watch your 999$ TV with, and more. – A variety of items discounted, including a Garmin I-5 GPS for 289.00

Macy’s: free shipping on orders over $100.

Holiday Promotions that include Cyber Monday

Google Checkout – Use Google Checkout with participating merchants and save 10$ on purchases of 30$ or more. This includes over a hundred merchants with some big names like, Toys R’ Us, and Ace hardware. – Free shipping Wednesday (11/22) – Tuesday (11/28). – An Amazon spokesman said their “Amazon Customer Vote” promotion will run for the next few weeks, where customers vote on which items to deeply discount. Last week’s was a Core Xbox 360’s at 200$ off retail. – A smorgasboard of offerings through various online merchants, including Barnes & Noble, Petsmart, and Dell. Most including Free Shipping but a few other goodies spice the mix. – Free shipping on orders of 49$ or more with code WPTHX49. – 25% off all PSP games, Savings on selected merchandise, free shipping (with restrictions) – Free shipping on select items through Cyber Monday.


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  1. chuhsi says:’s Google Checkout now also offers $20 off $50 purchases

  2. ckilgore says:

    on that google checkout thing – they had $20 off a purchase of $50 or more that i used this weekend.

    also, if anyone cares is offering $5 shipping on any order, today only.

  3. Josh Smith says:

    FYI – The 360 headset you link to is not the one that many people will think of when you talk about the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset which normally retails for 59.99, that headset is located here

    • – Storewide deals. Our picks: Samsonite Sport Backpack for $29.99, and Xbox 360 Wireless Headset for $22.66, and Simpsons Season 1 for $18. When you use Google Checkout, $10 off $30 and $20 off $50.

  4. mfergel says:

    Big deal, most of them are just offering free shipping, which most do anyways.

  5. jeblis says:

    The tv I just bought last week dropped $500 on Sunday. Thankfully they have price protection at Crutchfield and lucky that I went back to check on the price.

  6. OnoSideboard says:

    Another FYI, if anyone cares– Bloomingdales’ huge sale (40% off already marked-down items) ends today. Free shipping over $125, which I found exceptionally easy to hit in the shoe department. You can score some serious stuff for unheard-of cheap: I got a pair of designer shoes that retail for $220 for $90.