Walmart’s Website Is Down, Probably On Purpose

As of 1:36 this afternoon, Walmart’s online site is down, either due to “Scheduled Maintenance,” or “High Traffic Volume.” The site displayed different messages to us upon successive visits.

Several Digg commenters say Walmart experienced a similar outage last year.

Either Walmart has a crappy server setup…a relatively unlikely scenario… or they’re trying to drive foot traffic to their brick and mortar stores by thwarting online shoppers. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Walmart’s site was back up by mid-afternoon. spokeswoman Amy Colella blamed a “higher than anticipated traffic surge.”

“Nonetheless, with the exception of Wal-Mart, online retailers were generally performing well,” said the AP.


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  1. homerjay says:

    Probably bought their servers at WalMart.

  2. Nick says:

    Fine with me, I’ll buy my things from a different online retailer. You couldn’t drag me into a real walmart store.

  3. a wal-mart at 2am while very baked during the xmas season is a very surreal experience that must be tried once.

  4. Yozzie says:

    Moonshine Mike – man, am I ever with you on that…

  5. AdminX says:

    It’s down every black friday. A lot of products that are “online-only” are in stores just for BF, even though they had the same black friday prices for months. It’s not a traffic issue, it’s more of a way to get people into the stores.

  6. This wouldn’t push me to shop in their stores. It would push me to shop at a different online retailer.