Pizza Hut Won’t Honor Their Own Apology Coupon

Jillian writes in to tell us about a strange experience she had with a local Pizza Hut. After being put on hold for quite some time, Jillian’s husband (being the comedian of the family) told a hilarious joke that had them all in stitches for at least 6 seconds. It was at this exact moment that Matt, manager of the Pizza Hut, picked up the phone. Did Matt want to be let in on the joke? No. No, he did not.

“we were told by MATT (the store manager) that we could either stop laughing and order our pizza or call another pizza restaurant. “

Appalled by Matt’s attitude, Jillian called Pizza Hut Corporate to complain and was issued an apology coupon. End of story, right? Nope.

“Once again the wonderful MATT answered the phone and he told us he wouldn’t honor the coupon (his corporate office sent) because we called on one of the busiest nights and we were laughing forever!!… I asked to speak with the owner and he said they were corporate owned and he was the store manager. I said, ‘so let me get this straight MATT, this location is corporate owned and you wont honor a corporate coupon YOUR CORPORATE office sent?’. With some anger in his voice, he confirmed what I just stated.”

What an asshole. Our advice is to avoid the Pizza Hut in Rancho Cucamonga. Actually, you should avoid corporate pizza entirely. Yuck. —MEGHANN MARCO

Read the rest of Jillian’s email inside…

Good morning Ben,

I would like to share my recent experience with Pizza Hut with Consumerist in hopes you will post it. In my 14 years of living in Rancho Cucamonga we have never encountered a problem with our local Pizza Hut store. One Saturday night my husband and I ordered a pizza. When we called in to order a pizza, the first several minutes your on an auto hold listening to all of their “great” deals they have to offer. Well timing happened to be impeccable this Saturday evening because just when MATT (the store manager) answered the phone to take our order, my husband just finished a joke and we started laughing. After literally, 5 seconds of laughing, we were told by MATT (the store manager) that we could either stop laughing and order our pizza or call another pizza restaurant. Stunned by what MATT (did I mention he was the store MANAGER?) had told us, we quickly placed our order and hung up. Still frustrated by my experience with Pizza Hut, I called the corporate office on Monday or Tuesday. I was given an apology by the lady on the phone, and she stressed this wasn’t Pizza Huts policy. She sent me out a coupon for a free pizza and about two weeks later my husband and I decided to use it. Once again the wonderful MATT answered the phone and he told us he wouldn’t honor the coupon (his corporate office sent) because we called on one of the busiest nights and we were laughing forever!! (Side note: I understand Saturday nights are busy, but this was the first week of November. Now let it be during the summer months and okay, I understand busy. Or let it be Super bowl weekend etc. but November?? Super busy??) I couldn’t believe my ears AGAIN. I asked to speak with the owner and he said they were corporate owned and he was the store manager. I said, ‘so let me get this straight MATT, this location is corporate owned and you wont honor a corporate coupon YOUR CORPORATE office sent?’. With some anger in his voice, he confirmed what I just stated. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER USE PIZZA HUT AGAIN!! EVER!!!! Now, I am a loyal Papa John’s or Domino’s customer.


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  1. DaveB says:

    Make note: Never laugh while ordering pizza again.

  2. Kornkob says:

    Frankly, I’d take the issue back to the corporate office again. I suspect that you’d get what you want (good treatment from a pizza place) as will other custoemrs when it is made clear to corporate that this Matt fella is not honoring corporate issued documents.

    I’d suspect that if you follow up with corporate, Matt would find himself on the wrong end of an ass chewing —delivered free, fast and hot by his district manager.

  3. Triteon says:

    So, are you gonna tell us the joke?

  4. timmus says:

    So should we call that Pizza Hut at (909) 948-9000 and laugh? I guess it’s a mean idea, that is, unless Matt answers.

  5. non-meat-stick says:

    I don’t get it.

  6. homerjay says:

    Its like he was TRYING to get fired.

  7. timmus says:

    Ah, scratch the prank idea, Pizza Hut corporate shows 2 stores in that town… I went by Google Local which pulled up just one.

  8. Smoking Pope says:

    Personally, I’d never eat at a Pizza Hut again (I don’t do chain pizza actually), but if you’re interested in the vengeance route…

    Show up in person with a couple of friends, one manning a video camera, and one manning a video camera enabled cell phone. Confront Matt directly.

    He will either honor your coupon, or he will insist you turn off the camcorder, then deny your request. If he does the latter, make sure the person with the cell phone inconspicuously begins recording, and get footage of him being an ass. After he refuses your request, leave quietly and quickly.

    Go home, call him up, and play him the audio. Then inform him that you’re going to send it to corporate. See what tune he plays now.

    Of course, that’s very tame revenge. If you want to go hardcore, I can give you some ideas that involve breaking into his house, putting Nair in his shampoo… Oops, I’ve said too much.

  9. Smoking Pope says:

    Oh, and how messed up is it that this manager sees nothing wrong with placing customers on hold for long periods of time, but he can’t deal with a customer taking 5 seconds to begin ordering?

  10. iameleveneight says:

    Sounds like he needs to be on the right end of the unemployment line.

    Do what Smoking Pope said, but just send the video to corporate and tell them if they dont fire the guy you’re going to have the video posted ALL over the internet and sent to local new outlets.

  11. emax4 says:

    1. I don’t know if videotaping is the right thing. Anyone who is being recorded via the phone can refuse to be recorded, and if the person doing the recording does not stop, they can be held liable. So if you’re videotaping your visit, make way for a plan B just in case.

    2. When you placed your order, did you pick it up or have it delivered? If you had it delivered, you’re out of luck. MATT now knows where you live. If he gets fired, chances are he’ll trace the report back to you guys. There’s not many other places to go when you get fired from a fast food place, so between job hunting he might use that time to terrorize you. You can prepare for the worst by getting his address from corporate and claim that you might get your lawyers involved, so MATT’s address will help and you might be able to get back if MATT resorts to getting back at you via your residence. It sounds unfair but retail workers tolerate a lot and having a customer’s address is insurance for them.

    I don’t believe that what MATT did was right, but some business have a fast-paced environment. Would you feel better if he answered the phone and hung up after repeating, “hello?” and hearing nothing but laughter? Also, when you called, were you put on hold automatically, did someone talk to you and take your order before putting you on hold, or did the person at Pizza Hut say, “thank you for calling Pizza Hut, please hold.”? This might make a small difference.

    The coupon should still be good as well. Just have a friend or neighbor redeem it for you when you go to pick it up. Or if you have it delivered you should be able to give the coupon to the pizza driver (and tip him of course for his troubles, least having to work with MATT).

  12. Morton Fox says:

    Is it necessary to use the apology coupon at the same Pizza Hut? When I got my apology gift certificate from KFC, I didn’t go back to the same one to use it.

  13. DAK says:

    Up until a year or so ago, I lived In Rancho Chookamonga. I’ve ordered from this Pizza Hut. The employees at this location are, hands down, the dumbest I’ve ever dealt with at a fast food restaurant. Out of 3-4 orders, not a single one was correct…which is why it never got past 3-4 orders.

    I say she should send the hubby and a couple of his friends over there to have a chat with Matty.

    Besides, she should be ordering from Round Table anyway. They’re a little pricier, but the service is good and the pizza is 1,000 times better.

  14. MattyMatt says:

    If someone told me, “either stop laughing and order our pizza or call another restaurant,” I think it would only make me laugh harder.

  15. bndocksnt says:

    Sounds like Pizza Hut Corporate handled this one well and quickly. Under normal circumstances, that would be the end of it, unfortunately one bad egg can ruin the omelet. Hey Pizza Hut PR, you reading this? Tell your guys to fire Matt, and make an example of him, and make sure we know about it. Show us your not afraid to put a little bite into the way you handle situations like this. Oh, and the advice is free, but if you want to send a pan pepperoni and pineapple by, that’s cool with me.

  16. Jesse in Japan says:

    Um… can’t you just use the coupon at a different Pizza Hut corporate location?

  17. squidhat says:

    Seriously, who orders from Pizza Hut? There are probably more deserving small businesses in your area that make a much better pie.

  18. This is pretty common among stores, many places won’t honor the coupon because they have no idea what corporate-issued coupons look like. I’ve been to a few stores and the cashier will give my coupon/letter/card the hairy eyeball, but eventually put it through.

  19. Sadly, where I live squidhat, the local pizza places suck worse than the chains. I can’t believe it, but it’s true.

  20. SexyM says:

    I think ordering from a different Pizza Hut location is besides the point. Being a waitress for 10 years, and dealing with customers that really really suck, I understand the customer is usually always right.
    And while I draw my own line in the sand as to how I will be treated by a customer, I do tolerate a lot considering the customers image of the company is based on my performance! I always give 100 % in customer satisfaction but dont always receive the same.

  21. Solo says:

    If there is one thing that will make me run away faster than hell from a restaurant is hostility from one of the minions.

    You don’t want to serve me? That’s fine, I’ll go somewhere else and won’t come back.

    Matt has PMS? too bad. I sure won’t try to enforce the coupon. You can keep you crappy grease pizza and that will save me from the unsavory (and unspeakable) things you could do especially for me.

    They can spit in your food and smile to you.

  22. thewinchester says:

    This was poorly handled by Matt, pure and simple. He seriously is asking for this to blow up right in his face.

    I find the best way to get one over these people is to find out exactly which company handles their mystery shopping program, and make sure you get this store in your assignments every once in a while.

    This has two advantages, firstly you know their own corporate customer service standards backwards. If one of their underlings steps out of line when you’re just a regular Joe, you can easily remind them of their station and get them back on the straight and narrow (As long as you make sure they don’t figure out you killed their managers bonus last month). Secondly, when you get this site on a scheduled shop and fine that they just aren’t up to the expected standards – you can tell the company just that in your results.

    The number of under performing stores I’ve had spanked back to the stone age for justifiably bad mystery shopping results is too numerous to count. There’s a collective of three fast food stores of the same chain in my state capital who refer to me in-house as “The Terminator” – because each month I get scheduled to their stores is the exact month they can achieve a bigger bonus for top mystery shopping results. In 12 months, none of these stores have ever collected a bonus cheque yet.

  23. Ass_Cobra says:

    I have a long standing tradition of never getting into a pissing match with the person between me and my food.

    The best advice is to inform Pizza Hut that you won’t be patronizing their establishments any longer and Matt is the reason. They may be able to win you back, someday.

  24. mushy2000 says:

    Really Managers have betters things to do then wait for people to complain and then be laughing on the other end… You should hold paitently and wait for someone to answer… I would have hung up if we were on a friday night with 41 orders on the screen and some Immature adult laughing… even if it was for a joke… Call back later on the box it says you have 24 hours complain tomorrow… Try going to papa johns or dominoes and complaining.. Pizza hut actually cares a lot about their customers. Go eat that dry Papa johns crap and try to complain… Im sure u wont be successful

  25. Tracy Love says:

    Get over this and move on to another one that will honer it . This is not half the problem that another pizza hut has. The boss is a pill popper and the cook sell the oxie cotton to her and their making every ones pizza. 21 ST Pizza Hut in Newark Ohio should be shut down or the Boss and all her friends that she hired to push the old help out should be fired and the boss in jail. My friend made a complaint before she had to fly to Germany where her parents are very sick . Nothing has been done nothing. Thank goodness for 6 on your side I think they will do a good job and get it out to the people . I will be calling them as soon as my friend makes it back to the state so she can tell them too what she has seen.Tracy