Results Driven Complaining

It’s not really complaining, in the pejorative sense, if you get what you want. Here’s a quickie outline to getting your customer service problem solved.

Stage one: When it happens
• Act quickly
• Control your emotions
• Build a case

Stage two: When there’s no quick fix
• Take a smart approach
• Include relevant facts
• Try flattery
• Be open-minded about compensation

Stage three: Following up
• Be persistent
• Go public

Budget Travel goes more in-depth on each of these headlines, but this serves as a basic guide to finding sweet sweet satisfaction. — BEN POPKEN

Everyone has a gripe … not everyone gets results [Budget Travel] (Thanks to Jason!)


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  1. Kornkob says:

    Direct link to article as puiblished on CNN.

  2. Triteon says:

    Thanks for the snoop, Kornkob. Wonderful post…this needs to be added to the Consumerist HOWTO list!

  3. I’m tired of having to complain, kiss up, provide all my documentation. Customer service has reached an abysmal stage, particularly in America. These days I don’t bother, I just calmly tell them to close my account send me a bill for any outstanding services/goods and take my business elsewhere. I don’t care what they offer me. If they’re going to consistently try to screw you over it’s time to move on and to the extent that you are able “poison the well” tell everyone you know about their shoddy service/products.

    It may sound vindictive and impulsive, but these companies need to understand that we’re tired of being treated like we’re out to screw them over and sucking up to them and telling them how you “really really want to continue to do business with them (reads:get screwed by them)” is demeaning. You may get your money back, or some type of temporary sweetheart deal, but you’ll only wind up fighting with them again because they haven’t learned their lesson. In fact you were the one punished. You had to waste your time gathering all this crap only to (if you’re lucky) get what they were supposed to give you in the first place.