Toys “R” Us Suspends Black Friday Price Matching

The gimlet eyed Mouseprint blog discovered Toys R Us will not be pricematching this Black Friday.

toysnopricematch.jpgIf you purchase cheaper Black Friday toys at other retailers, Toys R Us will not pricematch. If you purchase an item more expensive then the early bird Doorbuster price, the retailer will not pircematch.

Really, though, is this such a big deal? Who wants to be running between a buncha different toy stores on Black Friday, shaving $20 here, cajoling $10 there. Consider the opportunity and gas costs, people. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Falconfire says:

    most of these stores are within blocks of each other so your really not spending a lot of gas. But their is a more insidious reason for this.

    Walmart has their prices so low none of the others can afford to pricematch. If they did they would lose money.

  2. According to the forums this is business as usual for Toys R’ Us for the last couple of years.

  3. bambino says:

    It’s insidious to not run yourself out of business?

  4. Triteon says:

    My hourly value*(amount of time in line+travel time)+ transportation costs
    It’s never been worth it. And this is why I’ll be napping on Friday rather than fighting the hordes.

  5. Triteon says:

    There should be a “less than” character between costs and price above. Now closing if I left something open.>

  6. Falconfire says:

    “It’s insidious to not run yourself out of business?”

    no is insidious that Walmart makes backroom deals to get products much lower than any company out there can. Its a well known fact that if you dont get assraped by Walmart for your product, your not going to be able to keep up with the Walmart knockoff they are sure to have.

  7. Falconfire: Oddly enough Wal-mart with it’s insidious schemes is one of the few retailers that consistently will honor price matching on Black Friday.

  8. bambino says:

    I dislike walmart just as much as the next guy, but unless you have evidence of these ‘backroom deals’, I think you’re confused about the workings of a big box retailer that is able to offer price cuts in order to create larger sale volume.

  9. RandomHookup says:

    It’s academic anyway as most price matching companies require that the offer not be a “limited time only” and that the item be currently in stock at the competitor. Won’t happen for the best deals.

  10. Falconfire says:

    This is just a handful of some of the shit Walmart has pulled. I could tell you a lot more from what my soon to be Father in Law has gone through with his marketing research company. Its a known fact that if you work with Walmart, no one else you work with is allowed ot have prices cheaper than theirs even if it means you lose money.

  11. wikkit says:

    Most price-matching offers that I’ve seen exclude sales and internet prices. I think this is probably standard fare for Toys-r-us and not just a holiday suspension.

    BTW, what the hell is a “Doorbuster”???

  12. wikkit says:

    Looks like I just parrotted RandomHookup.