School Recommends Kids Eat Cheese Doodles

In school, we were taught a simple chant: “Good better best, never let it rest, till your good is better, and your better is best.” However, one school district isn’t trying very hard when it comes to helping students make healthy eating choices.

This is a list of the snacks recommended by the Yonkers public school “Snackwise Club.” It divides food into “Good” and “Better” choices.

For example, a Good Humor Ice Cream Bar is a “good” choice. A “better” choice is a packet of Cheese Doodles.

Reader Mike says, “This has my blood boiling. [It’s] low even by Yonkers standards.”

Full scan of all the recommendations, inside…


Consider lobbying your school board to revamp the lunch menu (granted, getting this to succeed is very, very hard).

In the meantime, pack your kid’s lunch with “better” choices, preferably ones items that were in the ground at some point. — BEN POPKEN

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