The $99,999,999.00 PS3

We had a lot of fun last night watching crazy people on Ebay fuck with the douchebags trying to sell their PS3s for thousands of dollars. We bet the Ebay fraud team is going to have fun cleaning up auctions like this one. They were the norm last night, believe it or not.

The things we do for your enjoyment. The late hours. The constant ‘freshing. The taking of screen caps…Enjoy. —MEGHANN MARCO

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  1. creamsissle says:

    Look on the bright side, the shipping is free and the proceeds are going towards a good cause–the seller’s college fund. ;-)

  2. joehowe64 says:

    You know part of being free is being free to be an idiot.

    I don’t think the folks vandalizing these auctions are doing any sort of service to anyone.

    I equate it to someone chaining the doors of a Hummer dealership closed because they don’t agree with someone buying a monster douchebag-mobile.

    Being a powerful consumer is all about choice.

    If someone wants to spend the money and buy the hype, more power to them. I won’t spend a penny over retail for it.

    Then again I bought a custom-tailored Battlestar Galactica uniform…….

  3. Phantum Zero says:

    I think this is hillarious. I can only imagine if this guy only put down $100.00 for the pre-order and was hoping that by the time the auction closed he would already have the money in his account before he had to front the full $600.00 for the system.

    Now I hope he doesn’t have the $600 in his account to pay for the rest of the pre-order and the system goes to the next available person that actually wants to PLAY the system.

  4. Falconfire says:

    “next available person that actually wants to PLAY the system.”

    From all indications, the people who actually want to play this thing arnt the idiots who are standing outside.

    Most interviews with reporters have at least 60% of the people putting them up for ebay.

    Any real gamer knows
    1) the launch titles suck
    2) this thing is going to drop in price before any GOOD launch titles come out, which may be a year away by all indications.

  5. jayntampa says:

    That’s funny … however, auction’s are legally binding, so people messing around like that can find themselves dealing with some fines. I think it comes under the postal fraud heading, not positive though … anyway, it’s so easy to track someone down like that.

  6. JohnD212 says:

    Once the holiday is over…there will be no games coming out for it probably until Spring. They rushed out a handful of games for the launch. Once the holiday is over they have no reason to rush and then you’ll see the same problem they had with the PSP…a great system but no quality titles. I have a 360 and though I love the system…there has seriously been a problem with keeping the titles coming. It’s slowed to a point of being painful waiting for something of interest to come out.

  7. u4ikclmr says:

    @jayntampa: Odds are the bids put in were from hacked eBay accounts, so unlikely to ever actually end up collectible nor lawsuit material.

    Mind you, I find it neat that those auctions went that way. I have no pity for sellers that are taking consoles out of the hands of “normal” people (who don’t make 6-figures) that actually want to play them.

  8. meatwad says:

    ebay actions are hardly legally binding. the worse that can happen is you get some negative feedback. OH NOES NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. a couple of times i’ve had people back out of auctions for “practicing” or “it was an accident”

    ebay stinks

  9. TurgidDahlia says:

    joehowie: omg where did you get a Battlestar Galactica uniform (and is it from the dodgy original series or the awesome present series)?

  10. Smashville says:

    The Buy It Now is 500 grand…500 grand. Who the hell is going to pay $500,000 for a PS3.

  11. Smashville says:

    The freaking bidding starts at 45 grand:

  12. andyj76 says:

    I want to go to the International Space Station. How cool would that be?
    Problem is, it’s kept out of my reach by costing $20 million.
    I guess I could wait a few years, until supply and demand makes it affordable, but in the meantime I’ll complain that people who can afford it get to go while I have to dream enviously.