Target Recalls 190,000 Really Gender-Specific Toys

Target is recalling a whopping 190,000 play-set type toys. “Some of these toys contain lead paint, which is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects. Also, some of the toys have sharp points, posing laceration or puncture wound hazards. The recall involves “Kool Toyz” brand toys, including sets containing die-cast cars, playground set, doll house set, dinosaurs, trucks, boats and planes. The packaging is primary blue and has the “Kool Toyz” logo is on the upper left corner of the packaging.” If you have these toys, take them away from children and bring them to Target for a full refund.

As you can see, these toys are bad news. Even if they don’t slice up your pre-schooler, the “Dream House” is covered in lead paint, which seems like a bit of a misnomer. By the way, we don’t have kids, nor do we know the first thing about them, but who the hell gives an “Air, Land, and Sea Defense Play Set” to a 3 year-old? Oh, wait. Defense! Nevermind.—MEGHANN MARCO

Target Recalls Various Toys Due to Lead and Laceration Hazards []


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  1. How or why is leaded paint still even in use today!!?? The lead paint issue is a bad one, as it’s not easily recognizable by parents, and it’s good that they are recalling it.

    However, the “sharp points” issue is a whole different bag of broken glass. Really, I mean, any parent who purchases a toy with sharp points on it for a child is doing so at their own risk IMO. How can you NOT realize it?

  2. DeeJayQueue says:

    as far as the lead paint is concerned, a lot of these toys are manufactured overseas where they don’t have the same lead paint restrictions as we do here… often times they just make them and ship them over and never even think to check for it.

    The sharp edges thing is a caveat emptor… I can see that the stealth bomber thing is nothing but a cleverly-painted shiv waiting to happen, but what are you going to do? Maybe teach your kids not to jab each other in the eyes with their toys? Nah, just complain and the company will recall them.

    I’m tellin ya, we’re headed for a Nerf world.

  3. adamondi says:

    “By the way, we don’t have kids, nor do we know the first thing about them, but who the hell gives an “Air, Land, and Sea Defense Play Set” to a 3 year-old?”

    Having been a 3-year-old boy at one point, and having two nephews, I can tell you that most 3-year-old boys would love an Air, Land, and Sea Defense Play Set. Heck, most 3-year-old boys will somehow turn their Tinker Toys, Duplos, and Lincoln Logs into some sort of imaginary Air, Land, and Sea Defense Play Set.

  4. pestie says:

    OK, so am I the only one who read that as “Target Recalls Various Toys Due to Lead and Lactation Hazards?”

  5. d0x says:

    I wonder if Walmart will be doing the same recall since they sell almost the exact same toys except in a red package.

  6. nick says:


    I just spent the last two minutes wondering if lactation hazards could be caused from lead poisoning.

  7. Trai_Dep says:

    When I saw the pictures, I thought the toymakers wrote in big letters, “Just Sharp Points” on their own products.

    I thought, “What a WONDERFULLY efficient label for those of us with really annoying nephews!”

    Damn, another great marketing opportunity bites the dust.

  8. synergy says:

    And here I thought they were recalling them for training kids to become killers and menial laborers!

  9. robertsue says:

    so did they just start putting lead in the toys in may of 2007 or are the just not telling us to check our old toys? Because my kids are 5&7. Do you know how may toys my kids have gone through already. Some of them look like the toys recalled. I just bought them before the recall date of may 2007 does that make them not dangerous?