KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken

Thank god for small favors, “KFC” is back to Kentucky Fried Chicken after over a decade of trying to make us forget the “fried” part. Or, come to think of it, maybe it was the “Kentucky” they were worried about. Anyway, it’s back, and the Colonel himself has undergone a bit of a redesign. He now sports an apron, which is a nice touch.

Also, to celebrate, Kentucky Fried Chicken is marketing to extraterrestrials by becoming the the world’s first brand visible from space.

“If there are extraterrestrials in outer space, KFC wants to become their restaurant of choice,” KFC President Gregg Dedrick said in a statement.

No word if Xenu likes Regular or Extra Crispy.—MEGHANN MARCO

KFC targets extraterrestrials with huge logo [Reuters]
KFC Tweaks Colonel Sanders Logo [abc]


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  1. MisterUnderhill says:

    As I recall, it was part a matter of brand identity and partly to pre-empt trademark dilution.

    Just as aspirin has since become a generic phrase for salicylic acid rather than Bayer’s trademarked brand, Kentucky Fried Chicken changed it’s brand to try to protect it’s trademark from dilution. Federal Express made a similar move when it officially became Fed-Ex. There have been a large number of trademarked brands that have since become generic terms; trademark holders have to vigorously defend their trademarks or risk losing them.

  2. JackieTreehorn says:

    Actually, I think it was the “Chicken” part they were trying to cover up, since what they serve may not technically qualify as such.

  3. dukerayburn says:

    Actually, for a while there I’m pretty sure it was the “chicken” part that they could no longer claim.

  4. Perhaps the first fast food brand visible from space, but certainly not the first brand, period:


  5. Triteon says:

    MisterUnderhill: No, it was the “fried” that did in the brand. “Kentucky Fried Chicken” has never reached the generic-term plateau as (you correctly identified) FedEx and Aspirin did; or Xerox, Kleenex and Zipper (one of the first) among others.
    BTW, part of the FedEx re-branding effort included inserting a subliminal arrow in their logo. Can you see it?

  6. jconli1 says:

    just to get it out of the way…


    Honestly, the “KFC” branding kept me away… I think the occasional serving of FRIED CHICKEN is a good thing in moderation, and the branding of the last decade just made me think of them as a generic Pepsico crap-on-a-plate restaurant… usually forgetting that they even sold chicken.

  7. winnabago says:

    The ‘mutant chicken’ claim is just an urban legend. Snopes has addressed this.

  8. AcilletaM says:

    I’m pretty sure Pepsico spun off the restaurant division and they went to KFC to hide the ‘Fried’ part plus foreign markets had no idea what Kentucky Fried meant so it didn’t work as a marketing tool.

  9. …plus foreign markets had no idea what Kentucky Fried meant so it didn’t work as a marketing tool.

    Yeah, but not understanding Chinese (or Mandarin, ect.) doesn’t stop anyone here from eating Chinese food. The same rule doesn’t apply in other countries?

    I never liked “Kitchen Fresh”. What does that mean? I can microwave a frozen dinner in my kitchen but that doesn’t make it fresh.

  10. Myron says:

    Every couple of years I forget how awful KFC is and make the mistake of eating there. I always feel sick afterwards and almost nothing makes me feel ill.

    Anyways, I think a name like “Greasy Monkey Meat” would be more fun. Instant hit with the kids.

  11. Datacloud says:

    Just wanted to clarify that the logo is not visible from space. It is, however, visable by a satellite in space equipped with high-powered photographic equipment, just like anything that’s say, a square-meter in size.

  12. Nancy Sin says:

    The way that the photo is cropped make it look like there is a â„¢ or even an asterisk after the Chicken part.

    And the fact that this monstrocity of a logo (can they dump Sanders already!? I can’t imagine that brand has any damned equity) will be able to be viewed from space makes me embarassed to be an… ehhh… Earthling.

  13. KFC is big in Japan.

  14. bndocksnt says:

    Xenu prefers Extra Crispy… Souls, that is.

  15. Citron says:

    KFC is far from the first to do this. Target painted their logo on their roof some time ago, and recently the whole rooftop/crop field advertising thing has become popular. Here’s a Wired article from February about it.


  16. pronell says:

    Umm.. I can’t see why Federal Express had to become Fed-Ex. Were people really saying “Let’s Fex-Ex that by UPS?”