Best Black Friday Deals

Because you’re lazy and we’re nice, we’ve scoured the forums and pored over the adscans.

The best Black Friday deals for Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, Meijer and Target, inside…

Best Buy

Garmin nuvi 350 GPS Navigation System 499.99
Insignia 2GB Video Mp3 player 99.99
Hitachi 51″ Widescreen HDTV (Projection) 699.99
PNY 1GB USB Flash Drive 14.99

Circuit City

Creative Labs 8GB Zen Photo Mp3 Player 129.99
Polaroid 2GB Secure Digital Memory Card 29.99
Optoma DLP Digital Media Projector and Projector Screen 449.99
Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 DVD 8.99


ilo 26-inch LCD HDTV – 618.00
Sony PSP Video Game System 169.24 (Early Bird)
Fisher Price Can Play Piano Teaching System 64.77
Krempasky Blogging Workstation 49.96


Sylvania 37-inch High Definition LCD TV 699.99
24 TV Series DVD Seasons 1-4 24.00 each
Samsung A503 Digital Camera 99.99


Easy Bake Classic Oven 13.00
Samsung Mini-DV Camcorder 179.99
Atari Flashback Game System 19.87


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  1. Magister says:

    Ok, the blogging workstation was pretty cool.

  2. CTSLICK says:

    Waaaaait a minute, per these hallowed pages Best Buy, Walmart and Circuit City are all the spawn of evil yet the Black Friday Ads are bandied about like so much eye candy for me to resist? Help…Consumerist morals waivering…wallet opening…credit card trying to swipe…must remain strong…ggaaaaahhh.

  3. AcilletaM says:

    That blogging workstation is pretty funny.

  4. It almost looks like my blogging workstation. Although, mine has more toys. And a sippy cup holder.

  5. JackieTreehorn says:

    How long before Sharper Image comes out with a real Blogger Workstation?

  6. Pelagius says:

    You forgot one item at WALMART:
    Nazi SS T-Shirt $5.99

  7. RandomHookup says:

    The Evenflo Exersaucer Mega is like having a traveling circus for baby.

    I think we’ve found the next Consumerist guest editor.

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..Mine’s got more toys, like a Fender Strat, a Gibson SG, a Roland D-70 keyboard, a caller id box, cable TV, a big box of frosted mini wheats, and a working Commodore 128 computer with joystick. All I lack is a good chair.

  9. Pelagius:

    SSHHH!! Not so loud…

  10. CTSLICK says:

    And still…no one has a frickin’ shark with a frickin’ laser beam on its head. Would it kill somebody to carry this already?!?

  11. Mr. Gunn says:

    Am I the only one who thinks all the ads have been quite craptacular so far? Seriously, it’s either crap, or it’s only a good price compared to other B&Ms, not online merchants.

  12. B&Ms? Is that a euphemism for bowel movements?

  13. LTS! says:

    Welcome to the world of online deal sites… B&M is Brick and Mortar. Your acronym dictionary will be at the door when you leave.

    So the deal is great it’s FAR, with a PM to CC B&M however your YMMV.

    I’d do better, but I’m crashing from the caffeine high.. sigh.

  14. factotum says:

    Slim pickin’s this year.

  15. trixare4kids says:

    I SOOOO want an easy bake oven!!

  16. Ah! Duh. Thanks!

  17. spin_sycle says:

    I want the easy bake meth lab.

  18. AColeslaw says:

    Why didn’t you guys do a post like this this year?