Study Shows Slight Preference For Lowe’s Over Home Depot

Reuters tells that a “June poll of 1,000 U.S. homeowners by marketing firm Consumer Specialists found that 51 percent of respondents preferred to shop at Lowe’s, compared with 49 percent for industry leader Home Depot.

However, the study determined that Home Depot gets more money from shoppers, with people who prefer Lowe’s spending 10 percent less than shoppers who like Home Depot.”

Apparently, this slight margin of victory for Lowe’s is enough for experts to conclude that customers have “a strong affection” for Lowe’s. Experts quoted in the article also speculated that the lower spending at Lowe’s was due to that chain having fewer stores in wealthier markets.

Whatever. Point is: people like shopping at Lowe’s better. We tend to agree, even though we purchased potting soil at Lowe’s that was infested with insects that killed each and every single one of our many houseplants, and we are still sort of bitter about that.— MEGHANN MARCO

Study finds preference for Lowe’s over Home Depot