Totenkopf Shirts On Ebay

Recent updates to this story.

Three Walmart’s Totenkopf shirts are now available on eBay.

The current bids are $.01.

Packaging is in view in the auction picture, showing that the Totenkopf shirts are part of Walmart’s “No Boundaries” line. It’s uncertain at this time whether “No Boundaries” is specific to Walmart.

Walmart’s No Boundaries collection, or “NoBo,” represents the retailer’s attempt to bring a streety, pop-punk, aesthetic into its apparel offerings.

Other NoBo items feature winged hearts, crests of arms, and slogans like, “Look at me now, have dreams about me later” (with the letters REOSL off-set in red to spell “Loser.”)

Walmart’s website shows 11 other NoBo items with skulls, though none feature the Totenkopf.

There’s even a NoBo Geometric Comforter Set. — BEN POPKEN

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