Who Designed Walmart’s Nazi T-shirt?

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Warning: baseless conjecture ahead. One of our readers is trying to track down who made Walmart’s Nazi skull t-shirt.

Muckraker: I have reason to believe that the shirt comes from a tattoo flash catalog.
Muckraker: flash is what they refer to as pre-made logos that people choose from when they pick out a tattoo
Muckraker: But I have no corroborating evidence except that it’s a popular tattoo
Muckraker: for neo-nazi’s…
Muckraker: but is quite likely popular enough that it’s distributed…
Muckraker: It’s quite likely it’s local to Arkansas

Arkansas? That’s interesting, Walmart’s HQ is in Bentonville, AR. Who says Walmart destroys local economies? — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Kornkob says:

    “Warning: baseless conjecture ahead.”

    Aren’t a large portion of the posts to this blog built on a firm foundation of baseless conjecture?

  2. LexaproSmile says:

    I live up here in the land of Wal-Martians, with their headquarters about 10 minutes from my office. Which is not affiliated with Wal-Mart. Regardless, I have never seen that logo here, whether it be in the form of a tattoo, a bumper sticker, window cling, air freshener, or otherwise. This sounds like a theory that’s probably not going to pan out.

  3. Phil says:

    Why is it “quite likely local to Arkansas?”

  4. AcilletaM says:

    There’s a record company called Totenkopf Records that is a part of Virgin/EMI now which released krautrock music. This label started around 1978.

  5. Hagerstown, MD was the place where the Wal-mart actually sold the T-shirt. The Arkansas reference is wrong.

  6. fishfucerk says:

    A lot of these shirts just wind up being “designed” in exactly the manner you proposed earlier — some designer happens across some art they believe to be in the public domain, burn a screen from it, and then sell it to whoever.

    My neighbor was a bit of a hippie kid in his youth, and at 19 (back in the late sixties) he made a screenprint of Jimi Hendrix. Last year his ex-wife found it at target and told him about it. He managed to track down both the corporate buyers at target and the design studio who made it. He told me that the latter had believed that the art was in the public domain, and then gleefully pointed out that neither one of them had noticed the several phalluses he’d hidden in the illustration. They ended up making a royalties deal with him, which I thought was pretty cool for Target, considering they probably could’ve just told him to fuck off. He said all in all it was a great experience and he was very happy how target handled it.

    So anyways, I’m guessing whoever made that shirt had no idea where the logo came from, and just thought it was cool — kinda how people think pictures of che are cool, or you know, stalinist art.

  7. Kornkob says:

    However, stock decisions are made in Bentonville (at least when I worked for Fiskars all our sales to Walmart were handled through WalMart’s Bentonville facility– I suppose it is repotely possible that textile deciisons are made elsewhere).

  8. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    There’s people didn’t sell it, but these people have some interesting parodies of everyone’s favorite company logo.

  9. ceril says:

    the t shirt is by this band who use nazi symbols. the bands 1st albulm was in 78 so thats where comes from


  10. schvitzatura says:

    Actually, it appears this design was lifted from another novelty t-shirt logo, by Obey Giant (Shepard Fairey’s design group):

    Rip-off of OBEY Defiant Skull

    Obey’s manifesto