Who Designed Walmart’s Nazi T-shirt?

Recent updates to this story.

Warning: baseless conjecture ahead. One of our readers is trying to track down who made Walmart’s Nazi skull t-shirt.

Muckraker: I have reason to believe that the shirt comes from a tattoo flash catalog.
Muckraker: flash is what they refer to as pre-made logos that people choose from when they pick out a tattoo
Muckraker: But I have no corroborating evidence except that it’s a popular tattoo
Muckraker: for neo-nazi’s…
Muckraker: but is quite likely popular enough that it’s distributed…
Muckraker: It’s quite likely it’s local to Arkansas

Arkansas? That’s interesting, Walmart’s HQ is in Bentonville, AR. Who says Walmart destroys local economies? — BEN POPKEN

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