Kmart Has Your Huge Box of Pot

A huge-ass box of pot on its way to a Philadelphia drug dealer was mistakenly rerouted to the local Kmart, Saturday, where it was discovered by an employee in the stock room. Imagine their surprise when, instead of Martha Stewart towels staring up at them, the poor Kmart employee saw the, ahem, unfamiliar sight of 25lbs of marijuana. From the story:

“Fortunately, an alert individual at Kmart realized this isn’t something that Kmart usually orders, so they notified police right away.”

Well, thank goodness.That would’ve been one hell of a blue light special. — MEGHANN MARCO

Kmart Employees Find Box of Pot []


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  1. ckilgore says:

    Wait, wait. This isn’t something Kmart usually orders? So it is something they occasionally order. Awesome.

  2. Yep says:

    Black light special on Isle 5!

  3. The police who picked up the evidence were mystified why the shipper used such a large box.

    “That could have fit 60, 70 lbs. easily! Maybe the contents settled during shipping.”

  4. omicronpersei8 says:

    A K-mart spokesperson also reported a mysterious and significant disappearnce of merchandise in the snack food isle concentrated near the Fun-Yun and Cool Ranch Dorito section.

  5. Triteon says:

    To follow Christy’s comment…is this something I can buy on layaway?

  6. kbanas says:

    This will never happen to me.


  7. adamondi says:

    That struck me as the funniest part of this story, too. It is not something that Kmart usually orders. It is something they only order for really special occasions. Like Tuesdays.