HOWTO: Call A Company, Get The CEO’s Office

Calling a big scary company and getting executive customer can be daunting for the novice, so we wanted to show you how easy it is.

We recorded this call with Sprint while putting together our list of cellphone CEO corporate contacts. Here’s the step by step, ooh girl, ooh baby, guide to reaching the highest levels of customer service. The levels where they can really solve problems with care and consideration.

1. Enter the company in Google Finance.
2. Find their phone number.
3. Find out who the CEO is.
4. Call the phone number.
5. Ask the operator, “May I please have the offices of Mr. CEO so and so.”
6. Boom, you’re there.
7. Voice your complaint in calm, clear and professional manner.

In this particular instance, the executive switchboard boy practically spills his sippy cup all over himself in an effort to help us. — BEN POPKEN