Best Buy PS3 Preorder SNAFU

If you were one of the lucky few who ordered a PS3 at Best Buy’s website…guess what? They fucked up. “Best Buy never intended for customers to preorder a PS3 on its website, and so all those orders have been canceled by the retailer. As compensation for the mistake, Best Buy will be giving US$10 coupons to those folks who preordered the system” Ha HA HAHA HA, geeks. Enjoy your ten bucks.

Here’s the response customers got from

Thank you for your recent visit to Unfortunately, your pre-order for the PlayStation 3 gaming system will be cancelled. Our system was not intended to take pre-orders on the PlayStation 3 gaming system. will not be taking pre-orders for this item. Your pre-order will be cancelled and you will not be charged.


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  1. f you were one of the lucky few… Is this subliminal? …who ordered a PS2 at Best Buy’s website PS3, right?

  2. Tzvi says:

    Ok, so they made a mistake. It happens with online stores. At least they are giving people coupons.

    Don’t get me wrong, if I had ordered a PS3 from them I would be pissed. But at least they told people immediatly (they could have sat on the orders and the money for quite a while), and they are giving a small gift as an apology.

  3. Kangarara says:

    I wondered… I found the Wii for sale on and tried to buy it for pick up in store.

    It said “not available for pickup in store”

    I thought to myself “OK, I’ll have it delivered!”

    It said “not available for delivery”

    I opted to not go through the checkout process and give them my money for an ethereal product.

  4. Trae says:

    Yeah – I’ve never known BB to do SYSTEM pre-orders. I thought it was strange when I read the headline (until I read that it was they AREN’T doing pre-orders).

  5. creamsissle says:

    Trae, they had an online pre-order event for Xbox 360. It was by invitation only for Reward Zone members. I signed on, or at least attempted to, at the start of the event, and surprise, surprise, their server couldn’t handle the load. I never did get an Xbox 360 last fall, and have no plans to bother until the price drops substantially. I’m sure that the scarcity of new gaming consoles drives sales from most consumers, but it finally caused me to give up.

  6. martyz says:

    I stopped shopping at Best Buy about 2 years ago and I haven’t regretted it since. They are a horrible, horrible company. This snafu only proves it further.I strongly support any of its competitors.

  7. AaronM says:

    Some people are going to be PISSED.

  8. FLConsumer says:

    From YESTERDAY’s New York Times:

    Brian Lucas, a spokesman for Best Buy, said, “it’s not just low prices people are looking for” when it comes to electronics like televisions, but also professional installation and strong service, areas where he believes his chain “has a big advantage.”

  9. Optimistic Prime says:

    I can’t imagine anyone tried to pre-order through clicking through the site. The way I understand it is someone tried an URL that went to the order part that will be up on launch day, and then e-mailed the link to his buddies. From there it went to forums, etc., so everyone was doing it… It makes sense for BB to have the page ready instead of fumbling around with it the day before or of sale.

  10. Shaggy says:

    Just closing a tag. Nothing to see here.