WaMu Disables Zero To Operator

UPDATE: As of 10:32, the problem seems to be fixed. Bang zero to your heart’s content, our pretties.

Customers used to be able to mash zero and be connected directly to a Washington Mutual operator. As of 9:40 this morning, that option is disabled.

All we wanted was a quick answer to a general credit card question.

Six times we tried in various method to bypass the phone tree. The system kept telling us zero was an invalid selection.

Repeatedly pressing zero resulted in WaMu hanging up on us.

When we finally spoke with an operator, she claimed it was an error and would put a note in to fix it.



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  1. aka Cat says:

    Yes, getting through to the operator was definately an error, and she’ll be sure to have it fixed. She doesn’t want that happening again!

  2. Gena says:

    Just tried it…I had no problem getting through to an operator via zero. But it worked after I gave them my account number. So perhaps you have to give up the goods before they’ll let you talk to a live person.

  3. ajn007 says:

    I’ve noticed this more and more for various customer service lines: there’s no way to get around that damn tree. I’ve sometimes tried 9, to no avail. I remember when you could just sit there and press nothing; the system would think you were on a rotary phone and connect you directly to a person. That little feature seems to be gone now, too.