Longs Drug Employee Roleplays Crazy Customer Experience

This is a dramatic reenactment of one pharmacy worker’s experience with an irate customer. She uses a Cinderella Pez dispenser and a Crash Test Dummy.

Guess which one represents which party…


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  1. AcilletaM says:

    That just described just about every person in line ahead of me at Walgreens last night.

  2. Hee hee that was actually funnier than I expected it to be. Then again, my sense of humor is a bit off.

  3. ElizabethD says:

    Why did this video remind me of a Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood skit?

  4. AcilletaM says:

    The clip ended just before Trolley came through…

  5. Yep says:

    mmmmyeah, and this is the person dispensing prescription meds to the chemically imbalanced?

  6. VA_White says:

    I admit it. I LMAO. You should label this not safe for work because I laughed so hard at my desk people came running to see what inappropriate, non-business-related internet thing I was laughing at on company time. :)

  7. Well, all I know is that the director broke the 180 degree rule several times.

    Oh, and the mise-en-scene was derivative of Kurosawa.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    I like that she took the time to do over the shoulder shots.

  9. The Reviewer says:

    Don’t want to be the buzz kill here, but this video most likely violates HIPPA regulations…it is a stretch, but if this guy felt he could be identified by the location, date and the pharmacist tech’s face, then he can have quite a field day with breaking of confidentiality of a patient. Including what drugs he is taking and how many he is getting. Big money lawsuit right there.

  10. acambras says:

    Yeah darksyde, but how would anyone know he was “Mr. Dummy” unless he said so?

  11. acambras says:

    I guess you could look for someone who seems depressed and edgy and is sporting a bad case of gingivitis.

  12. phenostar says:

    I want my 3:51 back.