Fabio Interviewed At Geek Squad Land

Hand in glove with our independently arrived Fabio wunderloveness this morning, it seems Gizmodo was actually at that darn Geek Squad city unveiling. They got to interview Fabio (he loves Xbox360) and watch him solder.

What were we talking about? Oh right, Geek Squad sucks and they should take the money they’re spending on hammy publicity stunts and use it to develop a service that doesn’t rip off consumers.

More: Fabio on Technology: A Brief Interview [Gizmodo]


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  1. viriiman says:

    Why would they want to actually make the service better? They’ve found that they can offer mediocre services at exorbitant prices under the guise of a “flat rate” fee.

    Speaking from personal experience, Geek Squad is being screwed into the ground. It’s a 20/80 shot (against your favor) of getting a competent person in home, and a 99/1 shot (against your favor) of getting a competent employee in the store to fix your machine.

    My advise (being a former DA) is to take you computer somewhere, ANYWHERE else. Find a friend or a relative and bribe them with food/alcohol/etc. They’ll do just a good a job (if not better) then GS will.

    (My 2¢’s)

  2. JT says:

    Interesting PR stunt by Best Buy but even Fabio (how old is he now, 60?) can’t hide the fact that the Geek Squad sucks and bring dishonor to the title geek.