HOWNOTTO: Pay Your Bills

This has to be the worst financial advice ever.

1. Pay a bill with a check for money you don’t have in your account.
2. Stay positive and pray to God.
3. Listen for an answer. “You may hear a song on the radio, or a friend may call with an idea, or an email may come with an instruction…”

The magic bank of Yahweh is open for business, 24/7, for all eternity.

How to Convince Yourself You Will Receive Money from God [Wikihow]


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  1. B says:

    “Tips :
    Write yourself notes to remember who is the Boss”
    Tony Danza?

  2. Smoking Pope says:

    Hey, don’t scoff. This really works!

    I mailed a bad check for $1,200 that I didn’t have once, and was subsequently beaten within an inch of my life by the collections department. Then I got $1,200 through the victim’s compensation program. USA! USA! USA!

  3. WindowSeat says:

    I have a friend that sold a truck to his contractor/preacher’s son, when the kid got behind on the payments my friend told him to go get a loan to pay him off or he was going to take the truck back. The kid gave it a couple days and came back with: “I prayed on it and God doesn’t want me to go in debt to a bank.” My friend said “Then God must want you to walk from now on ‘cos the truck is mine.”

  4. thrillhouse says:

    Tho truck-less, the kid was right. Proverbs 22:7 says, “The rich rule over the poor. The borrower is servant to the lender”. There’s a few hundred other Bible verses that cover personal finance, and it never suggests that debt is a good idea. Rather, God calls you to be a good steward (manager) of what he has entrusted to you.

    so this “write a bad check, then pray to God” idea… yeah don’t think that he’s going to be all that keen on your ‘plan’.

    Also, and interesting note – Since 2001, there is no longer a ‘float’ on checks. Previously, checks were basically mailed back to your back for verification. No more. Now the bank that they are cashed at scans both sides and the data is electronically transfered to your bank. Much like a debit card transaction. You’r previous 7-10 day float is at most 1, if that.

  5. Mr. Gunn says:

    Let the anonymous subtle defacement begin. How long ’til the page gets locked, you think?

  6. Jester says:

    Damned Fundies!

  7. Thrillhouse:

    I smell a Dave Ramsey listener.