Holiday Airfare Tips

Let’s face it. You miss your mom. Today would be an excellent day to book your holiday travel arrangements. Northwest airlines has just announced some big discounts following their 1.2bn losses in the 3rd quarter. Yay!

From USA Today, here are seven tips for saving on holiday airfare. We like:

• Fly on the Holiday. Less people do it, because they’re afraid of missing dinner. Live dangerously, save money.

• Fly out of an alternate airport. Maybe no one has family in Reno.


• Book a vacation package. Cheaper! Discounted!

Just don’t do all three. “We miss you Mom, we’re at the Holiday Inn in Milwaukee!”


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  1. acambras says:

    For anyone who hasn’t yet booked Thanksgiving tickets — we saved lots of money by traveling Tuesday through Saturday instead of Wednesday through Sunday.

    And Yahoo Farechase has become my favorite search engine for flights – no pop-ups, no service charges. It is very easy to use and searches a bunch of sites.

    A little off topic, but if anyone has any tips on car rentals, I’m all ears. I don’t care what kind of car it is — I just want it cheap.

  2. Nifle says:

    Flying on the holiday is definitely a good tip. I booked my Thanksgiving flight for Turkey day morning and saved $100. I arrive at 11 am, just in plenty of time to enjoy the family turducken.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Turducken is madness.

  4. acambras says:

    I don’t have anything else pertinent to say, except…


  5. Funklord says:

    Total waste of a good duck. The whole point of eating duck is to get that crunchy tasty skin. Shoving it inside a turkey totally ruins that aspect.

    Although jamming a hummingbird inside the chicken and a bumblebee inside the hummingbird does make for a nice presentation.

  6. I don’t miss me mum.

  7. Magister says:

    First poster is right.

    Saturdays and Tuesdays are good days for booking discount and reward travel. Most airline travel is made by business travelers. Sundays and Mondays are huge departure days and Thursdays and Fridays are the return days. And even holiday travelers want to try to leave Fridays and return on Sundays.