Cure Random Shutdown Syndome

Apple has released a firmware upgrade that they say is a solutions for Mac users suffering from RSS or “Random Shutdown Syndrome.”

Apple encourages all MacBook owners, even if you got your heatsink repaired, to install the upgrade.

Lifehacker says that Apple says the new firmware improves the MacBook’s internal monitoring system.

This is pretty geeky for us to talk about but seeing as we reported on the problem, it’s only fair we report the solution.

MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.1 [Apple via Lifehacker]


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  1. Baz says:

    What about PowerBooks? My G4 shuts down 50% of the times I put it to sleep.

  2. rit says:

    I’m wary of the update, personally..

    My revision A Macbook was 100% Random Shutdown Free, until their first SMC update back in August.

    Almost immediately after the SMC update, my machine started having progressively worse RSS until one day it simply wouldn’t boot.

    Fortunately, Apple replaced my heatsink & CPU with no argument or hassle. But I’m loathe to change the firmware after that last bad experience.

  3. i thought by now the cause of the problem was common knowledge on teh internets… the wiring to the thermisistors (heat sensors) that run along the heatpipe on the heatsink (enough heat yet?) short out, and cause the system to think its in grave danger of meltdown and shut itself off as a self-defense measure.

    this wouldn’t happen right away, since it would take many heat/cool cycles for the insulation on the thermisistor cables to become worn and the wires to start shorting out.

    solution 1 was to replace the MLB (its the catchall for any odd problem in Mac service land)
    solution 2 was replace the heatsink. but it would start to happen again when the wires got worn
    solution 3 was to replace both the MLB and heatsink, this time with a redesigned heatsink
    solution 4 was to just replace with a redesigned heatsink
    now, solution 5 is to replace the heatsink, only if the machine won’t stay on long enough to perform the ^$#$%^$) update.

    btw: for rit: remove head from anus, and continue sing your macbook.

  4. oops. seems in my haste to call out someone else being irrational, i lost the ability to type. so plz2 keep using you macbook kthx

  5. What about PowerBooks? My G4 shuts down 50% of the times I put it to sleep.

    Uh, buy a new battery, or make sure your battery is firmly in place? Make sure your keyboard is seated flush with the deck of the machine, as it may be waking up in transit and draining the battery that way.