UPDATED: Got Cellphone Spam? WSJ Wants To Talk

Have you ever received spam on your cellphone? The Wall Street Journal is looking to round out an article on the phenomenon.

If you would like to share your story, drop us a line TODAY at tips @ consumerist dot com. We’ll pass you along.

Who knows, maybe they will make you your very own stipple portrait.

UPDATE: They’re looking mainly for people who received text message or MMS spam.


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  1. econobiker says:

    I received voice spam or telemarketing calls on my cell but could trace it back to when I was using the phone # for primary contact for one aspect of a small business venture. I’d ask the caller where they got the number and then politely (no matter what they were saying) request to be removed from their call list and any future marketing calls. It’s the occasional (2x year for me) text messages which show nothing but some bs to reply to inorder to get sports scores or make friends which I don’t like…

  2. synergy says:

    I only get unsolicited text messages from one company, Women’s Nike. I get one about once a month or every other month. I was just looking up yesterday how to get them to cease and desist since I don’t have a text messaging service on my phone and I get charged every time they send me one.

  3. Daytonna says:

    When we were with AT&T a few years ago my wife was getting 20-30 spam text messages a day. We did have text messageing so we never paid for them. But, these were not just marketing/advetising spam, they full blown (pun intended) porn spams..the really gross degenerate stuff. I have no idea how they were sending them to her phone but it was rather frustrating, as AT&T refused to do anything about them. Even after we had her number changed within a week she was getting them again.

    We ended up resolving the situation by permenantly ending all service with AT&T, including our home phone, internet and cell phone plans. Much happier with no home phone now.

  4. FLConsumer says:

    I used to get these a lot when I was with AT&T/Cingular. About 1/4 of them were from AT&T/Cingular about some bullshit teenage-appeal contest. I actually take more offense to the cell co spamming me than I do spammers. So far, 0 spams on the Alltel phone and I hope like hell it stays that way. ‘though I certainly wouldn’t mind if text messaging disappeared entirely. My BIGGEST gripe is that most/many cell cos charge for incoming messages, so you’re charged for each spam, so I can understand why they’d be less than enthusiastic to help “fix” the problem.

  5. No bona fide spam, but I do wish Sprint would stop sending offers via text message.

  6. synergy says:

    Odd, I have Sprint and have had it for 6 years and don’t get offers on my phone.

  7. oudemia says:

    I got two text message spams on my Verizon phone within seconds of each other. Both pretended to be an insider-trading discussion between two guys unknown to me. I assumed that I was supposed to think that I had been sent this “hot tip” by accident and pounce on whatever crap stock they were hawking.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    Tim writes:

    “My wife is a registered party member, but I am a green card holder/legal alien, and therefore an “unable to vote” person. Therefore I get really irritated when someone from the opposition calls me on my cell and asks me to vote for whomever they are pushing. I think the most annoying part is that I have had to pay (use my minutes) for a call that I not only didn’t want to receive, and don’t agree with, but that I can also do nothing with this information once it is given to me. As the number is usually withheld I can’t even call back to get off their list, and apparently the do not call registry doesn’t work for them either.”

  9. MostNutsEver says:

    A few months back I received prerecorded messages from Lindsay Lohan promoting her movie “Just My Luck” on my cell. Everyday. For a week. A friend of mine was also getting the same messages on her cell, and we still have no idea how we were put on a call list for Lindsay Lohan movies.

  10. Sephira says:

    years ago i had service with NTelos because text messaging was offered by their company and it was still a relatively new thing back then and they offered it cheap. come to find out, you can receive messages, but not send them. then one morning, at about 3 am, i got a text message from NTelos saying “Don’t miss Bruce Hornsby at the NTelos PCS Pavillion!” i cancelled my service the next day. essentially i was paying to be able to receive their text message spam. haven’t gotten any txtspam with Sprint though.

  11. rekoil says:

    I’m an oncall engineer that gets automated SMS messages when Big Things Break, so I have to set my SMS alarm to something that will wake me up no matter how many gin and tonics I’ve had that evening. So, imagine my chagrin when a couple months ago I started getting about 5-10 text message spams…a day…and at night. And at 3am. And at 5am. Remember, I can’t turn the phone off, or even set the alert to vibrate. I was losing sleep and being charged 5 cents a pop for the privilege!

    I figured out that all the spams were being sent via T-Mobile’s email gateway (yournumber@tmomail.net), so I logged into T-Mobile’s portal and disabled all text messaging that comes in via email, except for those coming from my company’s email domain.

    Unfortunately, this also blocks messages coming from T-Mobile’s own SMS portal, as they are apparently sent to the SMS system via the email gateway. So I created an “exception” to those messages, filtering on the From: address of those messages being the same as the destination address.

    Unfortunately, this is obviously well-known by the spammers, as the spams started coming in right through that filter and waking me up again after midnight every night.

    So, long story short, I am completely unable to use the SMS email gateway thanks to the spammers. I wish a thousand late-night wrong-number calls on all of their houses.

  12. Ran Kailie says:

    Yeah I get a few of them a month, pain in the ass mostly, least I have a text plan to cover it.