Morning Deals Roundup

Tanga’s got the Game Boy Advance Micro Silver w/ 4 Faceplates for $49.99. Yeah, faceplates, there’s a highly successful, and interchangeable, business model

D-Link Omni Directional Indoor Antena for $4.99 Shipped After Rebate. Extend your wireless 802.11 B/G coverage so you do your online stock trading from the tree house.

• Closet cleaning time. One day only: 20 cent Ebay insertion fees for auction style listings and fixed price listings.

Highlights From Dealhack

Fantom 120GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive $40 at
Save on Shoes, Boots, and Bags now at
Save up to an Extra $200 off Men’s Suits at Smart Bargains


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  1. homerjay says:

    What no Woot?

  2. Magister says:

    Woot is a golf club… A $200 Golf club… Definate pass on a WOOT mention today.

  3. homerjay says:

    yeah, I saw that. Way to waste a woot. :)

  4. Xkeeper says:

    …for $4.99 Shipped After Rebate

    Rebates are evil.
    Rebates are evil.

    Rebates are evil.a/blockquote>

    I was expecting at least a mention of the real price somewhere, especially considering how lame rebates are, especially now (and you just reported on them, even!)

  5. SpamFighterLoy says:

    eBay regulars (sellers) generally avoid these listing sales. The upshot of them is that the market is flooded with crap and final sale prices end up being lower. Exception: when you have something of very large value that you know will sell, like a classic car or a collectible item.