Sprint Harasses Grieving Mother For Two Years

We got this email from Sharon G. about Sprint.

It’s best to let it speak for itself, without any further elaboration, but we can break it down for you: after Sharon tragically lost her son in a car accident, Sprint harasses her for two years to pay the bill, even going so far as to call her up periodically and ask, “Is your son back yet?”

Um, no. This isn’t The Monkey’s Paw. Sprint — Absolutely Despicable.

    My experience with Sprint has been an outrageous one. Have I ever signed a contract with them..NO! My son went out and got a cell phone through Sprint. He did not have a bank account so he would pay me and I would pay it with my ATM card. I would have to get a CSR on the phone and put my son on the line to give his permission for me to pay his bill. This was a regular problem monthly. My son was very good about paying the bill he always gave me cash first.

    On October 19,2004 there was a car accident. My son was killed instantly. My daughter was in the car as well as a friend of his. My daughter was taken by life flight to the Trauma Unit. They were able to save her legs but she was very badly injured with numerous broken bones and extensive injuries. Then 3 days after the accident she slipped into a coma and we thought we were going to lose her too. She recovered but it’s been a long hard road to recovery for our family. Her medical bills alone totaled over $670,000.

    Sprint soon started calling and asking for our son as his cell phone bill was late. I told them he was dead and he won’t be paying it. They then informed me that I was responsible for the payment. I have never had and now never will do business with their company. I feel if when he was alive I had to get permission from him to pay his bill his contract died with him. His cell phone died as well.

    Sprint didn’t stop calling or sending bills. They wanted me to send them a copy of the death certificate. I told them that what needed was public information and they could go get it themselves if they needed it so bad. They even had a CSR call me and ask “if my son was back yet?” I replied, ” I wish he was but people don’t usually return from heaven and I consider this harassment.” It’s been two years and they have cut back the calls and bills, but I don’t think they have given up.

    I have pictures of the car and it’s a miracle that anyone survived. I know there must be other families out there that are devastated by the loss of a loved one and going through harassment and bullying from this company.