Shopping At Macy’s? Check For Double-Billing

After spotting a duplicate charge for a single purchase she made last Wednesday, she emailed the Macy’s customer service. Macy’s contacted her and requested more details.

“This morning I get a call on my work voice mail,” she writes, “that Federated Stores (the parent company) has had many complaints about double charges on debit cards and they are working to fix the problem and my account should be credited the $42.92 by the end of the week.”

Nice that Macy’s will credit the account, but would they have done so if Phranie hadn’t pointed out the error?

We’re not sure if the problem is just localized to the Macy’s in the Metro Center in Washington DC that Pranie shopped at, but if you’ve already shopped at a Macy’s with a debit card, look over your accounts for any double-billing. If you’re planning on shopping at Macy’s, think about using credit or cash instead.


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  1. acambras says:

    This happened to me at another store once — at the end of the day, someone accidentally ran the card transaction batch through twice. It was no big deal and it was corrected very quickly.

    The moral to this story? Always always always check your statements!

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..Funny this gets posted AFTER I just bought someone a wedding gift at Macy’s last week. Not that I’d worry much. Macy’s customer service is generally pretty good. They’d reverse the charges, no problem, at least at the store near me…

  3. it’s not just macy’s, my old employer had this happen on a few occasions. the same duplicated batches that acambras mentioned. sometimes the individual locations screwed something up, sometimes there was a bug in the nightly data harvest.

    i can’t say that there weren’t people who got left dangling in the wind, but generally everyone who didn’t get their refund from us in the meantime got the credit directly from the bank one to two weeks later.

  4. vannsant says:

    I’ve had double charges happen before using my check card, but they were always immediately reconciled as the next line item on my statement. I think some companies/store do honest auditing (probably automated) to prevent this type of thing.

  5. MarvinMar says:

    Last time we were double billed, I wondered….
    How does the store know I didn’t buy 2 anyways?
    What is to stop someone from buying 2 Playstation 3s and then saying they were double billed?
    We didn’t see our double bill till we got home, and got it resolved the next day.

    (PS3 was an example, I realise they have individual serial numbers)