Subway Sub Fingerlickin’

It’s been too long since we reported on a severed human finger found in fast food. Such stories are just so exciting! Yes, invariably they are scams. But for a brief moment, your soul heaves in exhilaration, and you begin weaving wonderful fantasies about that poor, shriveling digit. Was it a back kitchen knife fight? Does the manager require Yakuza-like atonement from his wayward staff?

This time, it’s not Wendy’s serving a finger in a chili cup. It’s Subway. A woman claims to have found a half-inch piece of finger in her sandwich. It’s not going to be a finger: the manager claims it just looks like “a big piece of fat,” which is gross but not criminal.

We would love to find a bit of finger in a Subway sub. At least it’s real meat.

Officials probe finger-in-sandwich claim [Yahoo! News]


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Joshua writes:

    “You do not want to get a “steak” sandwich at subway, i swear what i ate yesterday was not meat at all.”

  2. Ha! I posted on that on Friday.

    I didn’t know it was Consumerist material. Good to know.

    Instead of the mini pigs in a blanket, I posted a pic from a company that sells marzapan severed fingers.

  3. Dremagus says:

    ” Personally? I’d love to find a bit of finger in a Subway sub. At least it’s real meat. “

    If a human finger is the closest thing to meat in a Subway sandwich then I’m glad I don’t eat there.

  4. Citron says:

    Well, Subway’s meats come pre-sliced in fairly large packages that are just thrown into the case later, so if it is a slice of finger, it could have come from across the nation, for all anyone knows. But then that’s what lot numbers are for.

    I just think it’s weird that she automatically assumed the slice of whatever that fatty tissue was was a finger. If it’s anything abnormal, I’d venture to say it was some sort of abcess in the meat that didn’t get cut away at the slaughterhouse.