Target Customer Orders Sheet Set, Left Holding Bag

Despite having bad experiences with Target’s online store in the past, Paul ventured to purchase a Cotton/Modal Sheet Set. It’s supposed to have a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

At the end of his transaction, he was surprised to see on the final screen a confirmation for his order of a pillow case. He had paid the full price for the sheet set, now he was left just holding a bag.

When he called to see what was up, Target said it was a computer error and it would take a week or two to resolve. But in the meantime, “he’d be happy to send me a different but comparable sheet set for twice the price.”

You can read the rest and see the screen shots inside, but we gotta ask, why doesn’t Target’s vaunted industrial design doesn’t extend to their web design? Maybe they should spend less time sponsoring socially responsible PR coups and more time serving their online customers. Get Izak Mizrahi on that shit.

Paul writes:

    “Yesterday, tired of my threadbare old bedsheets, I ordered a new sheet set from The item description said “Cotton/Modal Sheet Set: Includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.” I was slightly wary, because the previous time I tried to order from, a couple of years ago, it took three weeks before they finally told me that, well, actually the item was out of stock. But Target offered a great price on this sheet set, so I went ahead.

    Because I was wary, after the order went through, I happened to read over the order confirmation page extra carefully, and I noticed that it said I was the proud, confirmed purchaser, not of “Cotton/Modal Sheet Set,” but of “Brown Pillowcase.”

    I called Target Guest Services to find out what had happened. The Team Leader I spoke to said it was a “problem with fulfillment” and a “internet error” and that it would take a week or two to resolve, but he’d be happy to send me a different but comparable sheet set for twice the price. And, because it was *their* error, they’d be happy to upgrade me to free shipping! The same sheets, for only twice the price I already agreed to pay? What a deal!

    I told the rep that this was called “bait and switch” advertising, and considered fraud. I mentioned that I’d be emailing Consumerist. Deeply shaken by my powerful threat, he said that if I would hold please, he’d see if he could offer me an additional $5 discount coupon. I asked for the order to be cancelled and ended the phone call.

    I have attached a couple of possibly huge screenshots.

    love ya,

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