HOWTO: Get A Live Best Buy Human On The Phone

If you’re trying to call Best Buy and none of the blue shirts will pick up the damn phone, here’s a lil’ trick that may help.

Call Best Buy. Dial extension 2180.

This connects you to the store Loss Prevention worker (he’s the guy at the door who checks your receipts to make sure you aren’t stealing anything). Someone will always pick this phone up.

Politely ask him to “page” the department you’re trying to reach. Doing so ensures the department is notified over the intercom, instead of just getting transferred to an incessantly ringing telephone.

Please use this knowledge for good and not evil.

(Thanks to Benjamin A. !)


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  1. Wow, this was true as far back as four years ago. Didn’t realize it worked for every store.

  2. Trae says:

    Once they upgraded the phone systems yeah – it should work in MOST stores – but there are a few cases where departments have different call numbers (or at least this was true when I worked there three years ago). Of course, the problems with the parked calls is if the departments are busy, they STILL won’t get to the phone faster than if you had just directly rung. Sure, you might talk to a person faster, but it will still take just as long to get a person to come to the parked call.

    (Also, sometimes parked calls get forgotten about – ESPECIALLY during the holiday season :P )

  3. Kat says:

    And don’t forget the dummies who don’t know how to properly park a call.

  4. verd says:

    I work for Best Buy and learned the hard way that this is the only way to get a hold of another store. I swear it seems like when our phones ring no one hears it.

  5. Trae says:

    My biggest problem was that people would misdial the department I was in while working there (Wireless), while looking for Computers or Video or something else. I’d park the call, make the intercom page (or in some cases, walk over to a rep from their department and also tell them directly) – and guess what? They’d never pick up the goddamn call! I’d end up with the irate customer bounced back to me, and still have to track down someone to take their call.

    …man I hated that place.

    If I had lacked morals I probably would have liked it more. That, or if I had been a sexist jackass… They had a bizarre coded language just to talk about female customers. It was like working with 12 year olds…

  6. Actually, thinking back, Trae is right.

    It was always a lot easier to ignore a parked call than it was to ignore a ringing phone. Especially if you had customers coming out of your ass. This also pre-supposes that someone in the department actually hears the page to grab the call. It’s very easy not to hear it, especially with the music blaring, the customers whining and everything else to distract you from the tinny voice in the ceiling.

    I guess it’s an alternative tactic if no one will answer the phone any other way, but I don’t know if it’s the best way to go — especially since Loss Prevention isn’t empowered to do much on the customer service side anyway.

  7. handyrae says:

    And I thought the moron at the front checking packages was a manager or something! I didn’t realize that he was loss prevention.

    A couple of months ago, my husband and I went to the Charlottesville, VA BB. He picked out the item he wanted and I waited at the front of the store for him to pay. As I stood there, five customers exited after having gone through the checkout. Four were white and one (actually a couple) were black. Guess who the BB guy stopped to ask for a receipt? If you guessed the black couple, you’re right! I went up to him and asked him why this was. He said that it was just coincidence and that he picks people to check by random. I swear he said he picks people by random! Yeah, right! I told him that that was impossible and that I hoped he might re-evaluate his criteria in the future.

    BTW-Does anyone know what the consequences would be if you refused to show your receipt in an instance like this and just kept on walking. I mean once you’ve paid for your stuff it’s yours, right? And if you don’t want some slobbering Neanderthal looking at why should you have to.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    Okay! Pineville it is.

  9. datruesurfer says:

    Dialing 2180 at my local BBuy store just sends me to an operator that says “Welcome to BestBuy, home of the Geek Squad, how may I direct your call?”. Doesn’t sound like LP to me…