Time Warner Cable Takes California

Today, Time Warner Cable starts integrating and consolidating the California cable holdings it aquired from Comcast and Adelphia. If all goes according to plan, this will never happen again:

    “Sharon Levy saw a cooking show about pizza recently and figured her mother would like to watch too. So she picked up the phone and told her mom to tune in to the Food Network.

    But the two missed the segment because they spent so much time figuring out which channel on Levy’s cable system in Sherman Oaks corresponded to her mother’s in Hancock Park.

    “She would say, ‘Where’s the Food channel?’ And I’d say 55,” Levy said. “But Channel 55 on her system is the History Channel. So we’d go through all the numbers until we found it.”

Brace yourselves.


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  1. TedSez says:

    This isn’t just a problem for people whose channel lineups have changed. With hundreds of channels available on modern cable and satellite systems, it’s impossible to remember which number corresponds to which network, even if you’ve had the same lineup forever.

    An easy solution — which I’m surprised no one has implemented yet — would be to allow users to view their program-selection grid arranged alphabetically by network, instead of just numerically by channel. So when you wanted to know what’s playing on the Food Network (or save it on your DVR), you’d just scroll down to the letter “F.”


  2. pronell says:

    I see a future in which the American Automobile Association Broadcasting Channel lurks at the top of every cable listing service in the country.

    Interesting idea, though, even if I mock it.

  3. Pete Gaines says:

    Awwww their lineups changed. There are so many things in the cable industry to get worked up about (especially this Comcast/TWC/Adelphia swapping nightmare – take it from someone who’s part of it), and you devote a post to those evil corporations swapping channels around. Sheesh.

  4. iamlazzy says:


    Time Warner cares nothing about their customers. I spent 2 weeks and 10 1/2 hours of my time trying to get them to come out to install cable at my new house. You want my advice? Get AT&T and DISH network.

    If Time Warner calls to solicite you for cable, tell them to take the cable they are offering and stuff it up their ass because you will spend more time waiting for them to show up then you will watching cable.

    DISH will show up on time and will hook you up every time.

    Time Warner is the source of communism spreading in this country in my opinion.

  5. Wymbo says:

    I am a former Adelphia customer who is now at the mercy of Time Warner! First of all, I called over six times and sent three emails in order to receive duplicate bills for a two month period during which I NEVER received any bill- paper or electronic. I finally gave up and just went ahead and paid the full amount because they were threatening to turn off my service! To date and three months later, I STILL have not received those two bills! When cable goes out, or internet is down and I call, I am always disconnected and/or transferred to a “busy” signal!!! This is AFTER I have had to go through the 100 initial steps just to get to a live person to inform them that service is down! But I LOVE that all service calls are FREE and they will always be on time or your service call is free??????!!!!!

  6. cyberchick says:

    I am testing a menu for my company’s DVR. I just sent an email with your idea (allow users to view their program-selection grid arranged alphabetically by network, instead of just numerically by channel.) Thanks :)

    I work for a Time Warner. They are all about thier customer’s in my office. So much so that is one missed an appointment(had to pick up the kid’s, fell asleep, had an emergency, etc) we go back 75%(or more- i don’t have the #’s) of the time. Give it some time depending on your system. I believe Adelphia was trashed by it’s former owners who now may be in prison. A communication infrastructure that is neglected takes time to rebuilt.