Speaking of Deals…

We think Woot! is just a swell site: a decent to great deal every day, accompanied by a vivid and often hilarious description of the product. We’ve often thought there should be more Woot! rip-offs.

And now there is! Tanga has shamelessly torn a page out of Woot!s playbook. One deal a day, lasting as long as they still have the product in stock. Where Tanga tries to set itself apart, though, is by appealing to the geek: for example, the first Tanga deal was an Xbox 360 for $100 off retail price. Today’s is Alhambra… the board game, not the castle, for $10.

We’ll likely fold this into the Morning Deals Round-Up from now on, but we wanted to make sure you guys knew there was another cool site putting the spotlight on one deal a day. They aren’t competitors! They’re fellow deals lovers!