McDonald’s Unleases Spyware On Japan

If it’s American, if it’s an egregious affront to the average consumer… hell, we’ll post it! But that is not to say that we don’t shower our love upon our readers from further-off climes. Heck, I’m a swarthily tanned, nut-brown native of a far off clime myself… Ireland!

So this just in, for our readers from the Rising Sun, or merely our readers from the You! Ess! Ay! McDonald’s — that most American of companies — recently had a contest in Japan, giving away free MP3 players. Sounds swell.

The problem? They’re all infected with spyware. They are loaded with the QQpass, a dose of dangerous malware that transmits your username, passwords and other information.

McDonald’s seems appropriately embarrassed and has set up a 24 hour helpline for people who just bricked their computer and sent all their details to hackers through spyware. But, you know, a little bit too little, a little bit too late.

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