Monday Readers Round-Up

Every time Ben lugs his bronzed body into a television studio, we get indundated with hundreds of emails within minutes… an armada of people up late in the middle of the night, writing in as one, to tell us about their mistreatment.

Welcome! You’re at the right place if you want a voice: the majority of our stories are reader submitted, because we remember what customer service doesn’t: it’s not about the trend, the aggregate… it’s about the one-on-one customer service experience.

So if you’ve got something to say, mail us. Chances are good it’ll end up on this site.

The primary thing to say is what we want, what we publish, are your stories… not merely your gripes. If a company fails to honor a coupon, and that’s the extent of what you have to say about it, we really don’t care. What separates us from sites like Consumer Affairs or is that we don’t want this site just to be a repository of whiners. We want it to be entertaining as well as informative.

Last week’s reader submitted stories, after the jump…

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