How Much To Tip All Those Grubby Bellhops

There is a large number of petulant, pouting employees ready to freeze you with an icy shoulder if you don’t pony up a tip. It can be hard trying to figure out just whom social etiquette dictates you tip and whom can safely be ignored.

Luckily, Get Rich Slowly has put together an excellent resource to figure out just how much to tip everyone: from waiters to bellhops to maitre d’s to manicurists. Apparently, you really should be opening your wallet every time you do pretty much anything.

My general rule of thumb is to tip generously to people likely to make most of their living off of tips: waiters, delivery people, cabbies. Still, I’m a stinking Euro… we don’t tip anyone.

Basic Tips on Tipping: How Much and To Whom? [Get Rich Slowly]