FTC Kicks Some Bogus Billing Butt

Is the FTC just a bunch of secretaries with really big filing cabinets?

We’ve been kinda wondering that after telling readers on several occasions recently to “file a complaint with the FTC” if they really want to report a problem with a company.

Then we saw this press release today:

    “FTC Puts Brakes on International Bogus Billing Scam

    At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal judge has stopped a Canadian billing scheme…”

You can read the rest here, as it’s an interesting story in its own right.

We were mainly happy to hear that the FTC does have the power to bitchslap bad companies, if only by proxy.


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  1. Kangarara says:

    Oh sure, blame Canada!

  2. michaelwebster says:

    It is very unlikely that any money will be forthcoming from this action, as the FTC does not have the same status in Canada that it does in the US.

    Note how long this telemarketing scam ran before it was shut down. Not encouraging.