Stuck In Dell Heck

Frustated by lousy sales support and bad customer service, a faceless hand ineffectually stabs a Dell box with a pencil.


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  1. ColoradoShark says:

    That would work so much better if they had the Psycho shower scene soundtrack.

  2. d0x says:

    great another pointless boring unfunny video to waste bandwidth…

    oooo look at me stab this box like a 4 year old raaarrr im so angry at dell!

  3. SpamFighterLoy says:

    I’ve never had a problem with Dells, so can we stop picking on them just for the sake of picking on them? I mean, it’s not like there’s anything remotely useful, educational, or even entertaining about this clip.

  4. sssage says:

    I’ll second spam fighter. I honestly think that much of the poor dell service reports come from folks who call in a rage. Also if you are not happy with the dell support person you got, call back and get a different one, right? My experiences have been great, any problems I’ve had have been solved proptly.

  5. laura1951 says:

    not only do you have comments about the dell product, you should try working for them. this is what happened to me and loads of co-workers. before it was totally dell co. it was run by a company called apl logistics, then after two years dell decides to do a total company takeover, and i do mean a hostile takeover. we were all subject to a f.b.i. check, a police check plus finger printing, then not to mention going to a trade school to do tons of work,then upon hours and hours of sitting in this trade school for what they tell us about the company on who is important(the customer). they tell us anyone with a felony will not be hired, but anyone with misdemenors will. then we had to do the drug test. then after two weeks they call and tell you welcome to dell will you accept our offer. you then tell them yes and you go to work as usual for them to tell you , you have a misdemenor turn in your badge. not to mention all the people that have been there for over a year to two years that came from temp. services have been working hoping to be hired, have never got a raise or offer are fired, because now they have another temp. service takeover. hundreds of people have lost their jobs. so much for dell and their wonderful products. these people were assets to the company. now dell has completely taken over and their supervisors say work hard to earn that bonus, what bonus these people will not ever see this because alot of them came from temp. services. this should explain alot of customer service. the ones that did become dell were let go sooner or later for stupid excuses. the company did not want to have to pay out any benefits. we were all used and abused. all the people that i use to work with are no longer there and we were the ones who pull that business and now two years later were dumped. michael dell needs to remember where he came from and where he started his business from. what a joke dell is and what a big disapoitment michael dell is.

  6. viloura says:

    If I had made this video, I would have been slashing uncontrollably instead of stabbing so matter of factly. Last year, I had a problem with my brand new Dell. I ended up spending countless hours wasting my time and energy trying to get the problem remedied. The only result, however, was ever-increasing agony and compounding frustration. Dell’s friendly technical support and customer service employees seemed to try, but they didn’t know what they were doing. I spoke with a dozen well-meaning but poorly trained Indians, all to no avail. Email didn’t work either. I never got one response.

    In all my years, I have never had such unsatisfactory dealings with a company. Dell users who have no complaints have probably never had to deal with the company regarding a product defect. I ended up sending my computer back, getting a replacement long after it was FINALLY promised to me, and being charged for both! The replacement had the same exact problem, so I shipped it back too. That day, I bought a Gateway. Life has been good ever since. Countless days over a period of eight months of my life were wasted with Dell. Most Dells may work fine, but buying one is not worth the risk. You may end up in Dell Hell like I did. Beware!

  7. Phishy says:

    Are you kidding!?! I didn’t know a pencil could penetrate a cardboard box so effectively. Very useful info I must say. pointless, but educational none the less.

  8. pissedontheisland says:

    I have had the worst experience with dell over the last month. I purchased a dell ditty mp3 and it sucks- stops working multiple times during a 2 mile run and sometimes just wont turn on. So after 3 different calls over an hour each and reps in India with a HUGE language barier talking in circles and putting me on hold- Ive decided to just eat it and move on. My time and phone minutes are not worth the stress of dealing with them any more. I will never purchase from them again because of the customer service. BTW if you are calling to order a computer you get right to a English speaking rep. in the US. Well… ye freaking HA! Die Dell.

  9. FLConsumer says:

    Dell is very much one of those “you get what you pay for” companies. If you’re a home user or are a corporate user buying the low end crap (Dimension/Inspiron), expect a junk product, long hold times, and offshore support.

    Buying as a corporate client and buying their business-grade systems (Optiplex/Precision/Latitude), the experience is totally different. Quality, reliable products, a customer service/tech support # where a real live human answers with no phone trees and no waiting on hold, and it’s a real, live Texan answering the phone.

  10. Xkeeper says:

    I see we ran out of stories to hit the 18/day mark again.

    Oh well, something to pass the midnight hours if nothing else.

    Could definitely use something more entertaining, though that suggesting of barfing on the box sounds pretty nice.

  11. r81984 says:

    Dell is a very good company with costumer service and support. My dell 700m laptop battery replacement had no problems at all and did not cost me anything.
    I have a Dell Dimension 2400, just a regular cheap dell with an LCD panel that is from 2004. The LCD panel died, I emailed Dell with a very detail description of the problem and what I did to try and fix it. Dell sent me me an email back with a tracking number for a new lcd panel they were sending me by same day shipping. I even was able to send back my broken one for free. I was only 2 days without a monitor after my first email to Dell.
    I cannot imaging another company being that good for support.
    I know two people with mac’s and both of them have to be sent back, one is lower memory slot failure, the other is a logic board failure. My friend with the logic board failure has been out of a laptop for over a week and he has no idea when he will get it back from Apple.

  12. Camaro08 says:

    I have had nothing but bad experiences with Dell as a company. I ordered a laptop and immediately had nothing but problems with it aside from the fact that it did not come with the equipment I ordered. My parents were harassed constantly for years with sales calls trying to get my to extend my warranty with a few of the reps being quite rude to my father who did not respond favorably. On top of that little gem, they also shipped my laptop to the incorrect address. Each time I called to try to remedy the error in hardware in my laptop I was given a different story. One call in particular I believe I was on hold for over 2 hours over the span of my call, with one instance lasting over an hour, not to mention I was transferred around 11 times. Oh, it was also nice that one of the tech support people asked me if I knew how to restart my computer as well as remove the battery. The only positive experience I had was the man who actually came to my apartment who was a paid contractor by Dell, he was as nice as could be. However, the customer service rep who said his name was Abraham…yeah right…told me he was sending me the hardware that was left off my computer that I should receive it within 10 days and gave me his 5 digit personal extension upon my request. 2 weeks later, I had received NOTHING, and when I called to inquire the extension number didn’t work because guess what…Dell uses 7-digit personal extensions and when I spoke to the “Supervisor” there was no record of my call much less that anything was supposed to be sent to me. Needless to say…I was not and am not happy. Oh, and they keep sending me catalogs…I’ve already called twice about that. I have informed them that if I receive anymore after the 3-6 week BS time period they gave me that it supposedly takes to quit sending them…I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau. Dell can go to hell.

  13. jellybean08 says:

    I’ve nothing but HELL of a customer service from dell. I purchased a Sharp 42″ and since day one it has not worked. I called Sharp and they even said to just return it as it sounds defective. I’ve been calling Dell asking for a return labels so i can return this TV and no one want to assist me. It’s day 4 now and no rep wants to take ownership of this what looks like a simple situation.The past 4 days I’ve been transferred,hung up on, put on hold (and as we speak) to try and reach someone from this so called “return dept”. Yesterday I called this dept x2, 1st time i was on hold for 35 mins and the 2nd was 51 mins and that’s me hanging up. So they have this other dept who supposed to specialize in customer service, well Rhadika called and LM from this dept yesterday. I’ve called this dept back x3 and she’s always busy. The lady who answered the phone this morning claims she was the supervisor but she won’t do anything for me. She says I would have to wait for this rep to contact me back. This is so ridiculous!! This is it- no more HELL DELL. To me it sounds like they are trying to play this game until the 21 return policy runs out on me and i’m stuck with this $900 TV.

  14. Scott Gunderson says:

    Dell customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced with any tech companies. It is impossible to return an item after 21, which is ridiculous because i was the victim of this. Regardless of how the customer feels, dell’s only response is “Sorry we have to stick to our policies”. Doesn’t it matter that the product that they sold me was an “unstable” RAM memory? As far as I’m concerned if Dell is selling these products they should be able to back up their service guarantee with some honesty. I feel cheated and I don’t understand how Dell can get away with this? I spent 110 mintues in one day one the phone with Dell, being trasferred up to 6 different times and still get no answer!! I can honestly say that Dell has permanently lost a valuable customer, there is plenty of options from ther competition, so that is what I will do, and spread the word of this situation. …