Post Photog Repays Walmart For RV Trip Expenses, And Other Fallouts

WaPo eats its own, then births ’em out all shiny and clean.
• Walmart Watch thrashes out Jim Thresher like a thrush in the bush.
• DCist refers to Walmart as, “a huge pulsing unicorn-pasture of happiness. “
• Laura St. Claire has angry words for people attacking her and Jim, “because we dared to write positive things about Wal-Mart.”
• NYPOST fails to disappoint with one of their inimitable rhyming and consonance headlines, “WAL-MART’S SMARTING OVER BLOG FLOGGING
• The Writing On The Wall explains to Laura St. Claire why what she did was wrong.


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  2. Serene-1 says:

    The Wal-Mart I frequent never has shelves stocked. Have been complaining for weeks and employees said they don’t enough of them to keep the shelves stocked. With all the billions the Waltons have don’t you think they could hire more employees?I went there today and asked for assistance as I have a disability and the young man said that he didn’t want to help me that I should find someone else. As it turned out the items I wanted weren’t in stock anyway. I was so frustated I chose substitute items and further injured myself taking the merchandise to the checkout and then pushing the heavy cart to my car which was parked up hill from the store. I won’t be back!Prefer to shop where I can get some help. I told the young man who refused to help me that I hoped that he never had to depend on anyone else because of an injury and that I was sorry that I put him out.I didn’t think it was any of his business what my disabilty is as it is not obvious.Wal-Mart doesn’t need the $120.00 I used to spend in there weekly!