Fry’s New 360 Bundle… No Where Near As Good

Remember that sweet Xbox 360 Bundle that Outpost was pimping on Monday? The one that not only involved a premium system, but games involving zombie killing, hit-and-run-driving and not-hit-and-run-driving? All for $200 below retail price?

Fry’s sold out. Fry’s assured us it would be back. They assured us it would be just as good, if not better, than the original bundle.

They lied.

To be fair, they told us the really amazing deal would be up on Saturday morning, at 5am PST, at the latest. So maybe the “real” deal is still coming. Also to be fair, $100 bucks off this bundle is still pretty sweet. Still. If they are just going to regurgitate the same deal but add $100 bucks to the initial price, we’re going to scream loud and long.


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  1. d0x says:

    Whats the problem here? Even if it was only $20 below retail its still a deal and I see no reason to complain.

    Im sure they made the original deal because they made their own deals with the publishers and Microsoft to offer a temporary sale. Like the home shopping tv channels they got X # of product.

    They sold through it and had to make another deal but due to the popularity of it the publishers probably upped the price

  2. exkon says:

    Damn still $100 and people will complain. Seriously, its a good deal either way. You’re still saving money. And isn’t that the goal of any good consumer?

  3. doormat says:

    To be accurate, Fry’s didnt sell out on Monday – they cancelled all the orders at the $360 price (including mine). We’re all still waiting the return of that deal.

    Personally the $450 price, once you add in tax and shipping, only gets you Test Drive Unlimited for free vs buying the console and the two games from other online vendors. And its an OK game (most sites give the game a B grade and/or recomend renting it, but thats it).

  4. iameleveneight says:

    Yeah but when they say theyre giving you the same deal you expect the SAME deal. Charging a hundo more than you did before is not the SAME deal.

  5. Martin says:

    Fry’s lied?!?!?! I’m shocked.

    Fry’s is well-known for its honest business practices and excellent customer service.

    Yes, I’m kidding..

  6. traumatizedworker says:

    as i being a FORMER Fry’s employee this is typical. heck i never even knew about them actually cancelling shipments, but what i do know is that they purposely short stock an item in a bundle so that when people ask for them they can’t sell the bundle becuase they sold out of one of the bundle’s items.Of cousre done on purpose by home office.As far as customer service i am right there with you, well for most of the customers, but some customers are people who just don’t get what your are saying. As an inside observation, sometimes they just hire anybody in some cases with a high turnover rate its going to happen where that person will not help you at all. I had cases where if i didn’t know i would try to get someone else or send them to a radio shack or best buy becuase the person who knows is being a (expeltive) and not helping. I also know that they discriminate on customers by their looks as far as females. If the female is not attractive by their standards they pass them up. They do it countless times. It sucks especially when the good work leaves becuase they are not getting good treatmnet by a supervisor. I am wholly speaking about the manhattan beach location known internally as the worst in our area for bad customer service so BEWARE. I know for a fact the computer department is the not crappy but (expletive) departmnet in terms of up keep and customer service i mean who has a line to get a product, then go get in another line to get the product and who clearly has something in stock but say its not there, even if they just looked in a couple of boxes they will find it.