Fry’s New 360 Bundle… No Where Near As Good

Remember that sweet Xbox 360 Bundle that Outpost was pimping on Monday? The one that not only involved a premium system, but games involving zombie killing, hit-and-run-driving and not-hit-and-run-driving? All for $200 below retail price?

Fry’s sold out. Fry’s assured us it would be back. They assured us it would be just as good, if not better, than the original bundle.

They lied.

To be fair, they told us the really amazing deal would be up on Saturday morning, at 5am PST, at the latest. So maybe the “real” deal is still coming. Also to be fair, $100 bucks off this bundle is still pretty sweet. Still. If they are just going to regurgitate the same deal but add $100 bucks to the initial price, we’re going to scream loud and long.

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