A Very Special Morning Deal: Woot! Off!

You know, when there’s a Woot! Off, that really deserves its own post. And there is. Right now!

For those who aren’t aware of the wonderful consumer euphoria of a Woot! Off, it’s simple: go to Woot! Right now, there’s a Logitech Cordless Headset for the Xbox at $5.99, an absurdly good deal. But maybe you don’t have an Xbox. So click refresh in ten minutes and some equally absurdly good deal will replace it as soon as Woot! sells out. Shipping is always 5 bucks.

In short, some people waste entire days clicking refresh on a Woot! off. The scope, number and array of deals that will come up over the next 18 hours will leave even the most slattern-faced consumer weak at the knees and turn their genitals into tingling jelly.

Go! Go! Woot! Off!

Woot! [GO!]


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  1. Mike_ says:

    Yeah, $6 is about what that headset is worth, too. I’m one of those chumps who paid full retail for this piece of crap. It crackles and pops constantly, no matter how close you are to the base station. It has a mute feature, but there’s no way to know if it’s on or off. Last time I used it, people were complaining about my audio, so I threw it in a drawer and went back to the hard-wired headset. You’ll enjoy this thing for a few days, get frustrated, and toss it. But at least you didn’t get hosed on the price.

  2. joehowe64 says:

    When will Woot! finally slip the bounds of “Bushish” Imperialism and ship to us poor socialists up North!

  3. amazon says:

    joe: did you get the newsletter? (Woot started going on about all of their “improvements” and I REALLY thought they were going to include shipping to Canada.)
    So. dissapointed. :(

  4. clickable says:

    Or, instead of spending the day clicking the refresh button, you could use one of the “Woot Off Checkers” that have popped up. Comprehensive list here: http://wootoff.wikispaces.com/wootcheckers