Jell-O Causes Biohazard Scare

A quivering, offal-like pool of cherry-flavored horse gelatin caused authorities in Germany to declare a biochemical emergency.

Apparently, “passers-by called police after finding a pool of a flabby red, orange and green substance on the roadside” outside of Halle. A wide area was immediately cordoned off and experts wearing E.T. like chemical warfare suits with nuclear symbols emblazoned on the back were brought into the examine the mess.

Finally, after prodding the quivering, jelly-like mass with many high-tech instruments worth hundreds of thousands of euros and scowling contemplatively at the meaningless results, one of the biochemists had a swell idea. “Hey! Why don’t we just taste it?”

And, of course, it was Jell-O, dumped by a local groom after a wedding party. Which is a biochemical hazard in and of itself.

Leftover jelly triggers German security alert [Reuters]