Don ‘t Lick This Poster

Consumer affairs is a subject with enough maniacs and skeletons-in-closets that this site really celebrates Halloween all year round. But we’re going to make at least a token effort to get ghastlier as it gets closer to Halloween.

So, boys and ghouls, for your horrification: Tobin Bell (also known as Jigsaw the Serial Killer from the Saw series of films) has spilled his blood into the ink that is used to print the Saw III poster, in order to get “the deepest color red possible.”

The posters go for about $20, except for the first poster printed, which will be auctioned off to support the Red Cross, who used a similar cost-saving method to print pamphlets after the blood surplus following September 11th.

SAW III Poster made with real blood [Cinescape]


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  1. IsenMike says:
  2. John Stracke says:

    Dumb. You can buy paint with a deeper red than blood. I’ll bet he just pricked his finger over the vat…thereby ensuring that the printing staff had to wear HAZMAT gear.

  3. Triteon says:

    So…which posters may we lick?

  4. mactbone says:

    The ones flavored like candy. You have to check all of them to know for sure.

  5. DTWD says:

    Enjoy your AIDS!