What To Do When Your Identity Is Stolen

We noticed a strange item on our credit report yesterday, a credit card we had no idea about *.

While on hold with the offending bank, we looked around for how to proceed if you think someone jacked your personal info.

Basically, there’s four sequential steps to take:

1) Contact the credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on your report
2) Close the affected accounts
3) File a report with the police
4) File a complaint with the FTC

More good info at the FTC’s Detect Defer Defend site.

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* It turns out we’re only listed as an authorized user on the account, so we’re not legally liable for it. No, our parents have no recollection of putting us on there, either. Not so scary then and we’re just going to fax the bank a credit dispute. It’s really a shame, though, because the account has a very nice credit limit on it!

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