Oct31 Deadline For Free Sprint Contract Killing

Image redacted.

Sprint has raised its text-messaging fees to $.15, giving you a “get-out-contract-free” card.

The change constitutes a material change to service. According to Sprint’s fine-print contracts, if there’s a material change to service, you can cancel service within 30 days without penalty.

The changes went into effect Oct 1, so you have until All Hallow’s Eve if you want to dropkick Sprint.

Sprint Rate Hike Means Penalty-Free Cancellation” [CBS13] (Thanks to Carson!)


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  1. Sweet tip, and awesome deadline!

    $.15 huh? How about no. It costs >.01 in Japan to send a text message…and similar in Europe from what I understand…when is the US going to join the 21st century?

  2. Ass_Cobra says:

    The same time the US gets a 21st century cellular network…zing!

  3. jeblis says:

    Someone complaining about the pic in…5…4…3…

  4. Xkeeper says:

    To the first two: Hahaha. Why join the Future of Tomorrow when you can stay in the Overcharging of Today™?

    See also: Net neutrality scumbags, “it costs too much for fiber lines” (Japan did it with ease), etc, etc.

    It’s just yet another case of a company getting greedy. Too bad more people don’t know about this! (I’m sure active text-messengers won’t like the new bill, too)

  5. Xkeeper says:

    Oh, was that my cue?

    Blah blah your picture sucks blah blah black people bleeding blah blah whine.

    There, I think that about covers it.

  6. d0x says:

    This is going to make my girlfriend flip her lid, she just got them to cancel a few days ago. Ive posted the story here a couple times but long story short…

    She called to cancel in August and they wouldnt let her, they charged her for August and Sept and then tacked on a reactivation fee and a contract termination fee about a week ago.

    Is there any chance she can get out of paying the contract fee because of this?

  7. ADM says:

    Assuming the picture is real, what are you accomplishing by showing that you are so detached that you can use it to accompany a trivial post on a consumer affairs site?

    There’s nothing funny, cute, charming, or ironic about being tasteless.

  8. There’s nothing funny, cute, charming, or ironic about being tasteless.

    Is this your first exposure to Gawker Media or something?

  9. Pelagius says:

    Not complaining, but what is the story behind the picture?

  10. RumorsDaily says:

    Text messaging rates are different in different countries because basic rate structures are different. In the US, for example, we generally pay a flat monthly fee and get a big chunk of free minutes. In the Uk people who call from landlines to cell phones pay a higher rate then when calling other landlines and cell phone owners typically do not pay a monthly fee OR for incoming calls but instead pay only for outgoing calls on a per minute basis.

    The fact that text messages cost a different amount are understandable… everything costs a different amount. I don’t necessarily think that either side is getting screwed, it’s a question of what you want to pay more for.

  11. Assuming the picture is real

    I thought they were all staged, excluding pictures from newspapers and magazines (and some of those may have been staged too).

  12. Actually, Ingen, while living in Japan, my Docomo contract was remarkably similar in rate structure, terms and conditions with my current Verizon contract, but with one marked difference…it cost half as much.

    Or then again…it cost less than 1/15th the price of Sprint…

  13. SpecialK says:

    I’ve quite accustomed to Gawker Media’s over-the-top TWAT-related headlines and other nonsense… but if this is a photo of some guy who’s just been recently shot, maimed, killed in a war zone or some other hellhole, I do think it is a bit too far.

    That said, now I know why Sprint was trying to call me last week to get me to re-sign the contract with an offer of a free phone.

  14. LafinJack says:

    Nice touch with the drool.

  15. liquid says:

    photo is very tasteless, even for gawker.

  16. solmssen says:

    i’m with the picture complainers – why force me to be desensitized to stuff like this? That’s a horrible picture, and if you make me turn off my emotional reaction to a picture like that so I can read a site about consumer issues, then I hate you a little bit.

  17. RumorsDaily says:

    The guy might just be taking a nap?

  18. jeblis says:

    I gotta say I’m with the “tough shit” crowd. Life means death, go get some bubble wrap if you don’t like it.

  19. ADM says:

    Danilo, of course not. But Gawker sites (including this one) are usually funny or make some kind of point, humorous or otherwise. This post is taking it a bit far for no apparent reason. Let me turn it back on you (and the editors): why use a picture like this?

  20. rimplestultskin, macberry fanboy says:

    Can I just cancel and then re-activate, thus forgetting my contract for 35 dollars per line?

    That way I can just trade in my blade and re-sign the contract when m610 comes out.

  21. xtremeranger says:

    does this include nextel?

  22. Tenshi says:

    So… does anyone know if this applies to Nextel, also? Please email me – smiletenshi at gmail.com if you know the answer. Thanks.

  23. phenostar says:

    Does this apply to anybody on sprint or does it apply to only those with a particular plan structure? My girlfriend just spent 3 hours on the phone with them for charging her two months at once (for the second time). Her bill is $230 right now!! I hate sprint!!!

  24. gilorian says:

    That picture is disgusting. Pull it. Quit it with the overly violent melodrama. I’m here to read stories about people getting ripped off by big business. Not sit here and wonder if I’ve just seen my first dead person.

  25. Picture is tasteless? Gawker and Taste have never gone together.

    And most of us have seen worse.

  26. Ben Popken says:

    If you have something interesting to say about cancelling cellphone service, please share.

    Otherwise, shut your comment hole or I’ll shut it for you.

  27. sprint says:

    These changes do not affect customers who are on a text messaging plan. Our current text messaging plan offers remain at $5/300 msgs., $10/1000 msgs. and $15/unlimited msgs. Overage charges on these plans will also remain at $0.10.

    Some media have inaccurately reported that this change means any Sprint customer can cancel his or her contract without having to pay an early termination fee. This may be true for some customers who are adversely affected, but does not apply to everyone. Please see talking points for more specifics. PR is following up with the media who originally aired the inaccurate information, which they did without contacting Sprint, to correct them.

    RCR Wireless has updated their online story published yesterday to reflect the correct information. http://www.rcrnews.com/news.cms?newsId=27491

  28. dregan says:

    Great news! My Samsung A900 (POS) is falling apart and I need a new phone. Time to switch to T-Mobile. What is with the creepy picture by the way??

  29. spinkybrain says:

    I just tried to cancel with sprint and they would not let me because I have a plan where I pay for 500 texts. They said this only applies to customers who pay per text. I told them that I do pay per text when I go over the 500 and would my rate be changing to .15 per text and they said yes. I argued and spoke with supervisors and no matter what I said they said if I wanted to cancel, I would be charged 150$ per line. I am extremely unhappy. Is there anything I can do?

  30. DarthGoon says:

    Has anyone ever noticed there seems to be a very convenient flaw in sprint’s automated system…

    Ever try checking your contract expiration??

    hit *2, after they ask you if you speak spanish, and then retrieve your account info the automated option prompts will start. press 4 for more options, then 4 for contract expiration/termination, then 1 to hear when your contract expires and…

    aye carumba, esta en espanol!!

    Thats right… the ENGLISH menu spontaneously turns into spanish before telling you when your contract expires.

    Way to go sprint…

  31. amandee says:

    I had the worst time with Sprint. Everytime I would go to pay my bill over the phone I would select English as my language and it would be in english until I have to enter my bank information. I called every other week to have this fixed but Sprint refused to help. One of the customer service reps actually told me to learn spanish so it wouldn’t be a problem. Well after going round and round with Sprint I notice there was a change in the contact, a “material change” with the fees being charged. I called the special number i found and had no problem cancelling. I took my number and went to verizon. So far with verizon I have had no problems. They are extremely helpful (i have only needed to talk to them once and that was to set up my phone). When it comes down to it. Sprint does not care about their customers they only care about people paying them. I don’t know how many times I heard “If you are not happy with ther service pay $200 to cancel”. Well I am glad to be done with them and this really does work to get out of their contract! Thanks!