Gneiss Security, TSA!

And the TSA finally realizes what master ninjas always knew: everything is a deadly weapon.

A geologist traveling to a trade conference via Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut was detained by secured and forced to give up an interesting specimen of Hebron Gneiss. A rock, in other words, resembling “a broken slice of layer cake and composed of licorice and cream cheese.” Sounds like the most delicious rock ever!

Why? According to the TSA, it was a “dual-use” item, capable of being used to bludgeon fellow passengers to death or perhaps deftly thrown through one of the windows, causing depressurization. Or, you know, whatever.

We can’t wait until the TSA realizes that, even if they strip everyone naked, someone could still potentially rip the femur out of their leg, snap it in half, and use it as two just-plain-badass daggers.

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