WhiteFence: Slash All Your Bills, Compare and Contrast

UPDATE: WhiteFence is not an unbiased recommendation site. They form “partnerships” with certain providers, limiting consumer choice. Read more in this update.

Over at our lovely, bubbly sister site Lifehacker (Consumerist is really the Lifehacker for complainers), Adam Pash pointed out the excellent WhiteFence service, specifically for comparing and contrasting cable service providers. Just tick in all the options and channels you’re looking for and click compare to see who’s the best in your area. Easy peasey.

But actually, WhiteFence offers a host of other comparison services that are just as useful. For example, you can compare gas and electricity providers. Or telecoms. Or Internet providers. They even do daily newspapers, VoIP phone and renter’s insurance.

Consider WhiteFence officially added to the Consumerist Kit.

Whitefence [Official Site]

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