Sony Reverses Decision To Deny Repairs After Reader Threatens Writing The Consumerist

A reader claims he got Sony to change its mind about not honoring his warranty. All he had to do was namedrop The

Philip bought a $3000 Sony Wega 50″ rear projection LCD TV a year and half ago, with a two year warranty.

Recently his optic block failed for the second time.

When he called, Sony referred him to a “judiciary group.” They refused the repair, citing “customer abuse.”

Philip then told Sony he planned to write The Consumerist. He described the nature of our blog and spelled out the URL. He noted our national media coverage and number of daily visitors.

Less than an hour later, Sony called to arrange a time for a technician to come to Philip’s house and perform the repair, free of charge.

Philip bathes once again in flickering cathode rays.

Sony, Philip writes, “lost a customer who has been loyal to them for over thirty years and only purchased Sony video and audio equipment. That loyalty has been destroyed. I’m moving to Panasonic from now on.”

“Sony sucks – CONSUMERIST.COM RULES!!!!!!! Thanks again Ben!!!!!!!!”

Hey, it could work for other Consumerist readers, too. It’s worth a shot.

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